Residential edition: 8 best solar inverters Perth customers choose in 2023

Sunny Tripower Xray view as the Best German Made for the Best Solar Inverters Perth WA

Select well. This device is about to become the heart of your new energy ecosystem. In 2023, the best solar inverters Perth customers want are much more than a solitary device for converting energy. Everyone has a unique view. Most industry professionals are more subjective based on the products they sell. From a customer’s perspective, there’s no point in overpaying for a particular solar inverter if the often expensive features are redundant. When considering the best solar inverters, we should consider; the best of what?


The solar world is progressing, and so are the capabilities of solar inverters. The solar inverter should be considered the heart of your new energy ecosystem, as that’s where energy is heading. It’s the point that communicates and connects your system to the internet for monitoring insight while converting solar energy into usable energy. Specific solar inverters incorporate DC-coupled battery input features. In contrast, other solar inverters are small enough to attach to the back of each solar panel. Therefore, the best solar inverters Perth customers seek may be better considered case-by-case.

With nineteen years of experience in power generation, we recommend products that won’t harm our reputation. Solar inverters that we can be assured are of merchantable quality for the warranted life and beyond while also understanding that everyone’s quest for solar is as unique as the home in which they live. Here is our guide to understanding the best solar inverters Perth customers currently demand due to cost, reliability, features, function and performance.

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Cost guide

Price plays a part in any investment consideration. To fairly compare solar inverter costs, you must compare like-for-like models and sizes. Each manufacturer has many. Therefore we’ve refined a simple cost guide based on average prices in like-for-like categories to assist with your decision-making process.

$ – Least Expensive

$$$$$ – Most Expensive


We’ve included additional options within each best solar inverter category for comparison. It’s not the most refined gauge, but it provides a basic level of guidance on what to compare if you are honing in on a particular category.

8 best solar inverters by category

Every salesperson will tell you they have the best solar inverters. The astute energy investor inside of you questions; the best of what?

Best budget

SAJ Electric

Only some people can justify a significant capital outlay for a solar energy investment. Nonetheless, solar energy is better than no solar at all, but it’s important to be thorough. With a global electrification shift required to meet net zero emissions by 2050, adopting solar is good even if your capital outlay is minimal. Therefore what do you select when budget limitations exist? The best long-term support for a low-cost option exists within the SAJ Electric inverter range.

What we love: SAJ Electric is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many well-known brands. Also, their product offering is much broader than solar inverters alone. With an expanding global presence, SAJ Electric is positioned at an excellent price for the technology to influence increased market share in 2023.

Cost guide: $

Alternatives: Sofar, Solis and Growatt

Best value


Pay a fraction more and discover Goodwe’s appeal as the best-value solar inverter. Goodwe solar inverters are reliable, user-friendly, consistently evolving, and, for the cost, impossible to ignore. With an outstanding reputation for after-sales support, Goodwe’s market share continues to strengthen within Australia due to a combined high customer and installer satisfaction. People want hassle-free solar inverters, and Goodwe provides this on a fundamental level with an ever-improving SEMS monitoring portal and a new solar smart connected Goodwe HCA EV charger. There’s a lot to like about Goodwe’s evolving and connected range of sustainable energy products.

What we love: Price, practicality, reliability and ease of function. If you like to set and forget, you will love Goodwe too.

Cost guide: $$

Alternatives: Sungrow

Goodwe inverter connected energy ecosystem.

Best all-round


Are you looking for more out of your solar inverter? Huawei is innovating far quicker than anyone could have expected in this space for the price and arguably is the best all-around solar inverter that ticks so many boxes. Huawei’s versatility and specifications are outstanding for the cost, especially within the residential inverter range (L1 & M1 models). Huawei enjoys the global number one inverter share (industry & residential combined) because it resonates with an extensive global demographic.

What we love: Huawei’s energy ecosystem is one of the more refined. Start with a Huawei solar inverter (Tip: for a small amount extra, add a Huawei Smart Power Sensor; view home consumption, add batteries for less). When ready, add the Huawei LUNA battery with ease. Considering an electric vehicle? The Huawei FusionCharge AC completes your all-in-one FusionSolar energy ecosystem.

Cost guide: $$$

Huawei digital inverter technology.

Best hybrid

Fronius GEN24

No surprises here as the performance, function, reliability and features of the Fronius GEN24 inverter range surpass most hybrid inverters on the market. Although, what they’ve done with the GEN24 range is made the technology accessible to most while remaining versatile. When ready, expand your energy security with a BYD HVM/HVS Premium series battery that easily connects to the Fronius GEN24 inverter range.

What we love: Fronius PV point. Batteries not required! Cost-effective; add an outlet to the Fronius PV point on the inverter and enjoy basic blackout protection from a protected home PowerPoint adjacent to the inverter while the sun shines.

Cost guide: $$$$

Alternatives: Huawei, Sungrow, Goodwe.

Fronius Multiflow GEN24 Inverter

Fronius GEN24 inverter connected energy system.

Best German-made


Who doesn’t admire well-built German-made products in their homes? We understand. They have a reputation for working well. With an enduring reputation, SMA solar inverters contributed to the energy system for the athlete’s village of the Sydney 2000 Olympics 23 years ago.

What we love: Intersolar Award-winning ennexOS software to accompany every SMA solar inverter from 2023. Why? Because software and advanced appliance control are the future of self-generated power supplies. You’ll need more than batteries for 360-degree energy-saving success, and software is where it’s at.

Cost guide: $$$$

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Best module-level optimisation


Enphase has been building micro-inverter technology for over a decade, and they’re good at it too. Mild shading to a particular panel in an array, micro inverters ensure only the affected solar panels are isolated while the remaining modules operate at peak performance. The most significant drawback of an Enphase inverter system is the cost compared to a string inverter system. As a guide, an Enphase 6.6kW system is approximately $3000 more than a Fronius inverter system. However, this cost includes energy consumption monitoring features.

What we love: We like data, and module-level performance monitoring combined with the Enphase user-friendly monitoring portal is the most remarkable feature of Enphase that a string inverter can’t do unless adding optimisers such as Tigo. Module-level monitoring provides performance insight for an outstanding plant management feature.

Cost guide: $$$$$

Alternatives: SolarEdge, Huawei, Tigo.

Enphase module-level monitoring app features

Best off grid


Australian-made and it works well.

What we love: To be honest, we don’t do off-grid solar, but that’s okay. So we put the question of the best off-grid solar inverters Perth customers want to a few respected industry minds outside of this company who were unanimous in their selection.

Cost guide: $$$$$

Done differently. There’s a reason we’re the researched buyers choice. 

Best software


Software is the future of energy control. It took a lot of foresight for SMA to acquire energy software developer ennexOS, whose software can control appliances from renewable energy generation. A delayed rollout is likely due to the pending associated appliance catch-up to where the world is heading from 2023. However, alternative manufacturers are now aligned and developing swiftly.

What we love: Intersolar Award-winning ennexOS software to accompany every SMA solar inverter from 2023. Why? Because software and advanced appliance control are the future of self-generated power supplies. You’ll need more than batteries for 360-degree energy-saving success, and software is where it’s at.

Cost guide: $$$$

Alternatives: Enphase, Fronius, Huawei, Goodwe

ennexOS by SMA

Staff choice

Perth Solar Warehouse staff work with solar inverters each day. So we pitched the question to them; what solar inverter brand would you install on your house?


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