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EV Chargers

Tesla, Fronius, Goodwe, Growatt and Sungrow are the biggest names in solar optimised EV chargers. Perth Solar Warehouse is their trusted partner.


Intelligent EV Charging

Discover the smart solar energy integrated EV chargers Perth and Bunbury customers currently seek to solar power their electric vehicles. Your transport powered free from the sun.

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1. Choose your EV charger

Select smart EV chargers based on your electric vehicle choice or as a one ecosystem solution with your existing solar inverter.


from $990⁺


from $1790⁺ 


from $990⁺ 

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Sungrow Ev Charger by Perth Solar Warehouse

from $1390⁺ 


2. Add or upgrade solar

Only if needed. Electric cars are the next-generation of transport, they’re even better when powered directly from the sun. Maximise the potential of your electric vehicle with solar.

3. Store excess energy

Complete your energy ecosystem with a solar battery.



Make sure the above prices are our best:

Solar optimised EV chargers made simple with Perth Solar Warehouse.

Frequent questions

Only new Tesla (Gen 3) wall connectors/ ev chargers purchased directly from Tesla Motors Australia.

We no longer accept alternative BYO products for installation.

Yes. Small to medium business with less than 200 staff can  apply to receive 50% off the  7 to 22 kW Level 2 AC fast charger type EV chargers.

There are no residential EV charger grants available in 2024.

Installation wait time for EV chargers vary depending on what you are wanting installed.  Quite often, it’s related to engineering assessments by Western Power.

Although, Level 2 AC fast EV chargers on their own are often straightforward. When combining multiple EV chargers and alternative products, a more detailed approval process is usually required (we manage this for all customers).

Below is a breakdown of the average lead times for the following Perth Solar Warehouse services:

  • EV Chargers: within 2-weeks (peak 4-weeks).
  • Inverter replacements: within 2-weeks.
  • Solar PV install (metro): within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Solar PV install (rural): within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Battery install: within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).
  • Solar & Battery install: within 4-weeks (peak 8-weeks).


+ Non-ship item, product only supply price listed, installation sold separately (to be assessed/quoted) within PSW Installation Zone 1Additional installation costs may apply (inquire).

2. Generation figures are general only, based on historical Zone 3 annual average irradiance data. Figures may not represent precise daily generation data. Customers should obtain site-specific average generation data for their particular system size and solar orientation. To obtain this information, contact sales support.

3. Perth Solar Warehouse reserves the right not to accept selected jobs irrelevant to installations meeting base criteria or advertised prices without reason.

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What's your cost? It's free to ask

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