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3kW SOLAR Deals

3kW Solar is the new 4kW solar system. Why? 3.9kW is the largest system configuration available on a 3kW inverter while generating a very similar output (kWh) to a 4kW solar system at a lesser price!
3 kW Solar Deals by Perth Solar Warehouse

Build your ideal 3kW solar power system.

Your house is different from your neighbours. Therefore, why should your 3kW solar energy system be the same? All PSW 3kW solar packages generate on average 15 units per day. That’s your energy-saving potential.

Howeverdifferent preferences, warranty ideals, budget and available roof area are variables which can lead to a vastly different 3kW solar package selection. Why not begin by selecting a combination which fits your initial budget. We will then do our best to make this work for you.

3.7 or 3.9 kW Solar Panels

Each featured solar panel option above has been carefully selected to offer extraordinary value for the price. Simply tap any of the above images to learn more about a particular solar module.

*Cash sale prices listed for single-level, single-phase and single roof face dwellings with a 3kW Goodwe DNS inverter after STC zone 3 subsidy has been applied. Additional installation costs may apply (inquire).

3kW Inverter

Did you know, Perth Solar Warehouse is a trusted manufacturer certified installation partner for each above brand? Manufacturer partners possess intimate product knowledge and an assured product warranty for the nominated period through advanced training. 

Tap any of the above images to learn more about any particular inverter technology.

*Cash sale prices listed for single-level, single-phase and single roof face dwellings with 10 x 370W Seraphim S3 solar panels after STC zone 3 subsidy has been applied. Additional installation costs may apply (inquire).

My inverter gave up but I was soon up and running again with a new one. The two installers who came were really professional and certainly knew what they were doing. Top job guys.

Mike Smith

- Google

What now?

Seen something you like? Make sure the above 3kW solar prices are our best!

PSW Sales Support can also provide you with various options with compatibility specific to your property. Tell us what you like and compare estimated performance, environmental benefits, potential electricity bill savings, return on investment and more!

Easy right? Dive in and enjoy the variety!

SALE: Unbeatable 3 kW Solar value by Perth Solar Warehouse;

  • Your preferred 3.7 to 3.9kW solar panel option.
  • Your preferred 3kW inverter technology.
  • WiFi connected monitoring portal.
  • PSW Project management portal.
  • PSW Premium in-house installation.
  • PSW leading 15-year workmanship warranty.
  • PSW Life Support.
  • PSW VIP site access including Rewards club.
  • PSW’s renowned 5-star customer satisfaction.

Combine your ideal 3kW solar system, exclusive discounts, fully installed package prices!

Very happy with solar panel installation process. PSW installers showed up on time and completed the installation in a professional manner. Lady from PSW office followed up with an email to provide Operation Manual, Warranties and Certificates. So far very positive experience.

Slobodan Pupovac

- Google

Considering a battery?

Combine any 3kW solar system with a solar battery for the ultimate in bill reduction success. You’re buying a 3kW solar energy system to do a job, make sure it does the whole job with a battery.

Tap any of the below battery images to learn more about a particular battery technology or compare all batteries by selecting this big pink “Compare All Batteries” button.

Frequently Asked 3 kW Questions

3kW inverters are more cost-effective than 4kW solar inverters, plus;

As solar panels rarely reach peak rated power, certain solar inverter manufacturers state that their inverters can be overloaded by up to 50%.

Although, the Clean Energy Regulator has had their say on this topic and capped oversizing to 33%. Therefore, 3kW Inverter capacity x 1.33 = 3.9kW of solar panels.

Oversizing solar inverters explained in even more glorious detail >

This all depends on you. A 3.7kW solar energy system with a 3kW inverter will generate an annual average 15-units (kWh) per day.
However, each bill and usage pattern is different. In fact, it’s as unique as your finger print.
PSW Sales Support can provide detailed bill reduction estimates based on your past energy usage patterns. Quite simply, the more past power bills you provide the more accurate our data.


Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. As a McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd business (EC010771) Perth Solar Warehouse utilises an in-house electrical service team insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

Unless stated, all 3kW solar packages come standard with WiFi connected production monitoring and service alerts only.

To include energy consumption monitoring an addition monitoring device is required at the main switchboard.

Ask PSW Sales Support prior to your 3kW solar installation for exceptionally discounted prices on energy consumption meters.

Approved Perth/ Bunbury region customers (STC Zone 3) can enjoy a $1940 subsidy when installing 3.9kW of solar panels on a 3kW inverter.

Based on 54 claimable Small Technology Certificates, with a system utilising 10 x 390W solar panels and a $36 STC market valuation (54 STC’s x $36 market value = $1940 subsidy).

All listed Perth Solar Warehouse 3kW solar package prices include the subsidy deducted as a point of sale discount (redeemable by Perth Solar Warehouse after installation).

For the more about the rebate in overwhelming detail including what are STC’s? Click here >
Most residential 3.7 to 3.9kW solar energy systems installed on a 3kW inverter will qualify for for the Synergy solar Feed-in Tarriff or DEBS (Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme). 
This means, as a level of compensation, you will receive 0.03c ex GST during off peak, and 0.10c ex GST during peak periods (3pm to 9pm) for each unit (kWh) exported to the grid by your solar energy system. 

Eligibility criteria and full pricing, learn more >

With over 16-years of industry presence, PSW is one of the few solar retailers who have sought out to become manufacturer endorsed with most stocked products. 

Along with industry endorsements (such as CEC Approved Solar Retailer status), a manufacturer endorsement is a commitment to unrivalled product knowledge on an ultra-refined scale.

Manufacturers will not align with non-reputable brands. If you’re still undecided visit PSW vs The Rest >

View the entire map of the PSW service area, includes past (and may be even your neighbours) installations, Discover >

A very easy and stress free experience. Once I contacted PSW the whole process ran smoothly. There was no pressure to sign-up, all relevant information was sent to me and I was left to make my decision. Date was booked in and the system was installed without any issues. My roof faces East West but PSW were able to install the system to still make full use of the conditions. Started producing power immediately. Have already recommended PSW to friends and will continue to do so.


- Google


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Think the 3kW solar deals at Perth Solar Warehouse are limited? Then you need to see our extended range at PSW Energy. Simply put, it’s Perth’s largest online solar superstore.

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