Highest Quality, Lowest Price German Solar Guarantee

Ensure you have every opportunity to exceed average. Guarantee yourself every opportunity to stay ahead.


You’re looking for the best product, and why wouldn’t you want it at the lowest price.  That’s our exclusive mission to you. These products now ensure you receive the highest quality hardware & equipment available with an exemplary service to match. We’ve done the research so you never have to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Never Compromise.

  • 25 Year Workmanship Warranty

    We are thorough. That’s why every installed solar energy system is assured by a 25 year workmanship warranty.

  • Premium Performance

    When you consider the best of everything, expect an end result which surpasses the rest. Exceed Average.

  • Highest Quality, Lowest Price

    It would be difficult to find an equal on every level. If you can, be heard, let’s see what we can do.

Over 30 Years of  combined industry experience, In-house installation & support service, low overheads, friendly support & another trusted McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd brand. The choice is simple.


You won’t find better value for your solar dollar. Prices listed are fully installed with exceptional warranty support, ensuring you receive nothing less than the best through time. A concept developed to gain maximum return on investment. You just won’t find another quality German made solar power package of equal characteristics and support.

I have personally researched each individual component that comprises a Perth Solar Warehouse solar power package. Each product must endure extreme Australian conditions and be derived only from internationally renowned manufacturers to ensure our clients receive a lasting product that will always exceed expectations.Derek McKercher