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Everyone loves a good rebate to assist innovative product uptake. Unlike solar power, the state or federal government isn’t coming to help uptake solar batteries in WA’s Perth and Bunbury regions. The good news is solar battery rebates, and limited offers are available from selected manufacturers in 2023. Considered more likely to be limited-time promotions, the solar battery rebate options below provide outstanding value towards an improved Cost per kWh. We’ve summarised the latest solar battery rebates and value add-ons (August 2023).


Key points

As more time passes, government-assisted options don’t appear to be on the horizon. With average 9 to 15 kWh battery costs ranging from $850 to $1500 per kWh, we now look towards manufacturers for assisted adoption schemes. Due to tighter margins, low entry point solar batteries are less likely to offer a solar battery rebate. However, well-known mid-range and premium batteries are where solar battery rebates or value add-ons are found.

Solar battery rebates

Something is always better than nothing in the way of a solar battery rebate, and the good news is that two of the biggest names in solar battery technology have an enticing offer to lure customers. These solar battery rebates reduce the overall battery cost by approximately $100 per kWh, ensuring a substantial discount on the out-of-pocket battery cost.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery for German Solar System Deals by Perth Solar Warehouse
$750 (cash back) + $750 PSW rebate match
31 Dec 2023
$1000 (Eftpos card)
31 Aug 2023

Tesla Powerwall: A Tesla Powerwall solar battery rebate of $750 is available for all Powerwalls installed and registered between August 11 and December 31, 2023. Customers must claim their rebate by January 31, 2024, through Tesla after installation. For a limited time, PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse are doubling this offer to $1500. Learn more ›

Sonnen Evo: A $1000 solar battery rebate in the form of an Eftpos card redeemable after installation and registration is available with the Sonnen Evo battery.

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Extra value options (rebate alternatives)

Some solar battery rebates overshadow alternative value add-on promotions from their competitors. Depending on your specific requirements, an option such as a solar battery rebate mustn’t steal the limelight from potentially better value offers.

SENEC Home solar battery by PSW Energy
Home V3
10 kWh for 5 kWh price
30 Nov 2023
Free inverter trade up
31 Aug 2023

SENEC.Home V3: Available through selected retailers, SENEC isn’t offering a solar battery rebate but more so an exceptional value add-on. Until November 30 2023, customers can purchase a SENEC.Home V.3; 5 kWh battery option and receive a free upgrade to a 10 kWh battery—exceptional value when an average battery density costs are approximately $1000 per kWh.

SolarEdge Home Battery: The trade-up value of a SolarEdge inverter is approximately $1000-$1500 when combining the SolarEdge Home Battery. The SolarEdge Trade up to Home Hub for Free offer is subject to terms and conditions and expires on December 31 2023.

How to ensure a better value battery

Cost per kWh is the key to normalising comparative battery costs irrelevant to nominated solar battery rebates. There is a trick to reducing it further in most instances. Increased solar battery capacity often reduces battery Cost per kWh.

For example, a popular low-upfront cost Alpha SMILE B3 solar battery sells for approximately $5990, offering only 4.7 kWh (useable) and 3 kW peak output, $5990 ÷ 4.7 kWh = $1274 per kWh.

A similar battery comparison of the following size-up costs less per kWh with increased features is the Alpha ESS SMILE5-10 from approximately $9490. $9490 ÷ 9.1 kWh = $1042 per kWh.

One step further again, the Alpha ESS SMILE5-13 costs approximately $11490. $11490 ÷ 13 kWh = $883 per kWh. Shop Alpha ESS ›

Size (useable)
Cost p/kWh
Alpha B3
4.7 kWh
Alpha ESS Inverters Batteries by Perth Solar Warehouse
Alpha SMILE5-10
9.1 kWh
Alpha ESS Battery for German Solar System Deals by Perth Solar Warehouse
Alpha SMILE5-13
13 kWh

Most homes with reasonable outcomes from a 6.6 kW solar energy system require a 10 to 15 kW solar battery to offset average nightly energy use: a key identifier and why Tesla’s Powerwall is no smaller than its 13.5 kWh density.

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Use solar rebates to improve battery cost

Another angle to improve solar battery feasibility is to incorporate a battery with a supersized solar array in one go, leveraging the oversizing capabilities that DC-coupled solar batteries present. Most single-phase homes in Western Australia are limited to a 5 kW inverter capacity. Eligibility for the solar rebate scheme, solar array oversizing without a battery is limited to a multiplication of 1.33 inverter output (5 kW x 1.33 = 6.6 kW). Add a DC-coupled solar battery, and lift the array oversizing ceiling because the energy generation potential is no longer clipped or wasted by the inverter’s 5 kW output limit.

In this instance, limitations are defined by the permitted DC string voltages and local regulations for residential dwellings. Therefore, 9.9 kW is the largest solar array size allowed, and the rebate (STC) applies to the 9.9 kW of solar panels.

Solar Battery Rebate WA - Growatt Solar Only Package with hybrid inverter
• 6.6 kW Solar Panels
• 5 kW Growatt XH hybrid inverter
Solar Battery Rebate WA - Growatt Solar Package with hybrid inverter and ARK HV battery
• 9.9 kW Solar Panels
• 5 kW Growatt XH hybrid inverter
• Growatt ARK HV battery

The extra rebate amount of adding the battery will likely only offset the cost of the additional panels. However, a lower-entry-cost battery, such as the Growatt ARK HV, assists a more significant system capacity where inverter limitations apply, helping greater energy-saving potential. A solution that can also be used for other product combinations with similar or improved specifications.

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