$0 deposit, 36-months interest-free solar deals.

Interest-free solar deals are available at Perth Solar Warehouse. Get the best solar energy and battery systems in Perth WA with $0 deposit on an interest-free payment plan. An easy, no fuss, application process approved in minutes on selected systems. Take the first steps to see if you qualify below. 


Use our interest-free solar options to your ultimate advantage and replace a significant portion of your power bill as a fortnightly payment towards solar power and energy storage. Many like-minded families have chosen the Perth Solar Warehouse interest-free solar deals as a means to stop renting electricity from Synergy. Just like your home, once you’ve paid it off, enjoy ongoing free energy. Here’s how to get started.

What you'll need to apply?

Saving yourself going through the entire selection process only to find out that you don’t meet the approval criteria. Fear not, here’s the best part, because the amounts are low, the qualification is minimal, unlike typical finance. Here’s what you will need when applying:

  1. Two forms of identification such as a drivers licence and medicare card.
  2. Last payslip or similar proof that you can repay the system cost.

In a nutshell, it is merely a requirement that one must be, 1, an Australian citizen or resident and, 2, the capacity to pay for the system can be achieved. Should the above check out, you’ll be able to unlock unique solar benefits exclusive to Perth Solar Warehouse. Keep reading!

$0 Deposit 36 month Interest free solar deals - Perth Solar Warehouse

The PSW Advantage.

Interest-free solar deals through Perth Solar Warehouse are more than a great solar installation. You’ll become a life long member of the PSW family with localised expert support to assist you on your self sufficient power supply journey for whatever questions or concerns you may have along the way.

  1. The unrivalled PSW Life Support > 
  2. Ongoing benefits of PSW Rewards Club >
  3. Extended workmanship warranty 10+2 years.
  4. Additional after-sales incentives.
  5. Exclusive member discounts towards future system expansion.

We are changing the way you solar with our friendly team of local technical experts.  What’s more, you can access an acclaimed energy system on any one of many PSW interest-solar deals to ensure more than just a solar power or battery system, you’ll obtain a new way of energy in life, for $0 upfront.

Local Experts by Perth Solar Warehouse Team

Benefits of interest-free solar.

  • Swap a majority of your electricity bill for solar.
  • Enjoy instant electricity savings.
  • Be paid for the excess energy exported to Synergy >
  • Within one full cycle, your grid dependency will be far less.
  • Each fortnight you’ll make one simple payment.
  • Be relieved from bi-monthly bill shock.
  • Within 3-years your solar energy system can be paid off.
  • Start enjoying 100% free energy from the sun.

Are you a savvy solar shopper?

Many people outlay a significant capital investment to achieve their solar dream. Savvy people seek out the best value medium to long-term investment, master the beneficial hours of solar, and substitute one expense for the other, keeping their cash reserves plentiful.

The most proven solar investments incorporate premium solar panel technologies all found within the expansive PSW range. Equipped with the industries most significant warranties, you can’t go wrong. Interest-free solar deals by Perth Solar Warehouse are your ultimate advantage when the system surpasses the payment plan and delivers fruitful ongoing returns.

Select your favourite Perth Solar Warehouse system and be a savvy investor. 


Seraphiom & solax Interest Free Solar Deal

6.6 kW

Free upgrade from 5 kW
$ 3490* 36-months interest-free
  • 1-phase.
  • 6.6kW (18 x 370W) Seraphim Blade panels.
  • 5kW Solax inverter.
  • PSW premium in-house installation.
  • PSW Life Support.
  • WiFi monitoring.5
  • 30 units per/day avg.6
Seraphim & SMA Interest-Free solar deal

6.6 kW

Free upgrade from 5 kW
$ 4490* 36-months interest-free
  • 1-phase.
  • 6.6kW (18 x 370W) Seraphim Blade panels.
  • 5 kW SMA Sunny Boy inverter.
  • PSW premium in-house installation.
  • PSW Life Support.
  • WiFi monitoring.5
  • 30 units per/day avg.6
*Basic T&Cs
    1. Advertised price based on the installation criteria as follows: single-level, single roof face, single-phase home within PSW Installation Zone 1 >
    2. Listed prices are 36-months interest-free subject to approval criteria through Brighte.
    3. Installation must be eligible for the zone 3 STCs (Small Technology Certificates) allocation as advertised prices include the zone 3 STCs applicable for the system capacity allocated to Perth Solar Warehouse and deducted as a point of sale discount.
    4. Alternative product combinations available at alternative prices beyond and is listed. Latest catalogue >
    5. It is the installation end-users responsibility to ensure there is a WiFi signal at the solar inverters nominated installation location in order to receive monitoring access. Monitoring provided is solar production monitoring only via the manufacturers online monitoring application. Energy consumption monitoring is available, via an integrated energy consumption meter, which must be purchased and installed at an additional cost (inquire).
    6.  Displayed generation/ savings estimates should be used as a guide only and are an example of an annual average based on an installation within the Perth, Western Australia region at an incline of 25° on a Northern 0° orientation, utilising 100% consumption. Site specific generation estimates are a more accurate guide towards what a quoted system is likely to generate and should be used at all times when assessing solar suitability. Available upon request. Individual consumption habits should always be taken into consideration.
    7. Advertised daily payment plan amount based on a 60-months (unless nominated otherwise) pay back period with fortnightly instalments to approved applicants.
    8. Common additional installation cost: Three-phase power supplies, split solar arrays (multiple rooftops), multi-level installation heights (inquire).
    9. Full terms and conditions available with a formal quote of this product.

WWWOOOOOAH, Back up the truck up and shut the front door! If you are still reading then we have an alternative payment plan option available which unlocks even greater benefits. Approved applicants can gain exclusive access to all Perth Solar Warehouse cash sale prices with a low-interest green loan payment plan. 

No Deposit, cash price payment plans, pay yourself instead of Synergy. CONTACT NOW >


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