$0 deposit interest-free solar deals by Perth Solar Warehouse

Interest Free Solar Deal Perth WA

$0 deposit, interest-free solar deals by Perth Solar Warehouse assist access to secure energy investments in Bloomberg NEF Tier-1 solar products on an interest-free payment plan through a simplified application process, often approved in minutes. See if you qualify for interest-free solar with Perth Solar Warehouse.


Use interest-free solar options to your advantage and replace a significant portion of your power bill as a fortnightly payment towards solar power. Many like-minded families have chosen the Perth Solar Warehouse interest-free solar deals to stop renting electricity from Synergy. Just like your home, enjoy ongoing free energy once you’ve paid it off.

What you'll need to apply

Ensure you have the proper forms of identification available.


Two forms of recognised identification, such as a driver's licence and Medicare card.

Pay Slip

Last payslip or similar proof that the system cost can be repaid.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or residents and have the ability to repay the system cost. Once confirmed, solar benefits with the PSW advantage await.

Applying for interest-free

We use Brighte or Plenti for a hassle-free approval process sent to your smart device. Once submitted, you’ll find out within a few minutes whether you qualify or the application is reviewed.

Important: Please do not apply for interest-free finance for the cost of the system ahead of a quote, as it will not be accepted. 

Interest-free solar vs no solar

When buying energy from Synergy, we rent energy production from a power generator and consume the units. Interest-free solar by Perth Solar Warehouse allows you to stop renting electricity and start producing power without dipping into savings.

Interest Free

  • Own your power supply
  • Payment plan less than your bill
  • Free energy every time the sun rises
  • Sell energy to the grid
  • Energy monitoring app
  • Add a battery for night savings
  • Add blackout protection
  • Use grid power if needed


  • Rent power
  • Electricity bills only increase
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Use grid power

Options & prices

For the most up-to-date interest-free solar deals by Perth Solar Warehouse, prices and payment periods are listed on an alternative page for regular updates. Interest-free solar packages ›

The PSW Advantage

Interest-free solar deals through Perth Solar Warehouse are more than a great solar installation. You’ll become a member of PSW Life Support to assist you on your sustainable energy journey. Your personalised sounding board for operational questions and support.


  • A system that suits you
  • PSW Project management portal
  • PSW Premium in-house installation
  • PSW 15 year workmanship guarantee
  • PSW Life Support
  • PSW five star customer satisfaction


  • Limited options
  • Email overload
  • Sub-contractors
  • 5 or 10 year workmanship guarantee
  • n/a
  • n/a

Many people outlay significant capital to achieve their solar dream. Consider seeking out the best value medium to long-term investment, master the beneficial hours of solar, and substitute one expense for the other while retaining your savings. There’s a reason solar is popular, it works.

The most proven solar investments incorporate premium solar panel technologies within the expansive Perth Solar Warehouse range. Equipped with the industry’s most significant warranties, you will go right. Interest-free solar deals by Perth Solar Warehouse are advantageous when the system savings exceed the interest-free repayment and deliver ongoing returns.

Prices and payment periods are available on an alternative, more frequently updated page. Interest-free solar packages ›

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