Do Risen solar panels live up to the name?

All of a sudden, it feels like Risen solar panels are being offered everywhere. Consistently a BNEF Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer, Risen Energy has recently become a global top 3 manufacturer by volume Q1 2019 (Update: 6th Q2 2019). Irrelevant to product quality, this does tick the box that demand exists for a reputable product in the industry at the price point. With that in mind, there are Risen solar panels homeowners should avoid.

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Commonly asked questions in the initial phases of research, when considering Risen as a solar panel option, often come in the following six forms. There is a fairly generalist nature to most. However, we’ve done our best to be as informative as possible.

Did we miss something of which alternative Risen solar panels shoppers can benefit during their research? If so, leave a comment below! Enjoy the read – PSW Team.

Risen Solar Panels Perth WA

Which to avoid?

As a residential homeowner, avoiding 72-cell solar panels is a must. Severely inhibited, the mounting systems ability to support the additional weight (especially on tiled roofs) to that of where 60-cell solar panels reign supreme, spreading the load over more frequent supports.

It is important to remember that despite the appealing higher watt class of a 72-cell solar panel (e.g. 325W vs 275W) the surface area occupied on the roof face is identical to a 60-cell solar panel of the same efficiency class, 16.8%.

Risen Solar Panels
RSM72-6 | 320 | 325 | 330 | 335 | 340P
16.5 – 17.5%

In short, these are bigger, heavier panels designed for industry and grid-scale projects with greater reinforced support to the underlying structure in which they are mounted to.

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Which to consider?

The great news is that the current Risen solar panel offerings are limited in model variances so it can be easier to narrow down which particular model is right for you. If an abundance of space is available, then taking advantage of the more economical polycrystalline variants is a good option.

In saying that, Risen monocrystalline variants, ideal for limited areas to maximise output from the available space, aren’t too much more expensive.

Expansive rooftops can consider:
Risen Energy
RSM60-6 270 | 275 | 280P
16.5 – 17.1%
RSM120-6 275 | 280 | 285 | 290P
16.5 – 17.3%
Limited rooftops should consider:
Risen Energy
RSM120-6 300 | 305 | 310 | 315M
18.0 – 18.9%

Don’t be fooled by certain marketing exploitations when it comes to mono vs poly by the same manufacturer. The overall product quality is the same. Same back sheet, same glass, same warranty, the cell structure is slightly different, which affects efficiency. A difference which reflects the in price.

What is the warranty?

A slightly better than average 12 & 25-year manufacturer warranty. In what is becoming the new edge, many manufacturers are shifting to a 12 & 25-year warranty as opposed to a 10 & 25-year warranty to assist the definition of better product quality.

The two figures within the warranty can easily be explained as the first figure, 12, being product integrity guaranty. While the second figure, 25, references the annual performance degradation guarantee should the Risen solar panel remain intact. 

Risen Energy Warranty Download >

Where are Risen solar panels made?

Headquartered in Ningbo China, Risen Energy produced solar panels in multiple facilities across China. The most modern being a new 5GW solar cell and module manufacturing plant in Changzhou City which opened January 2018 to accommodate the new multi busbar and half-cut cell module designs.

Global offices to support the Risen solar panel range internationally include:

  • Nürnberg, Germany.
  • Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia.
  • Porto-Novo, The Republic of Benin (West Africa).
  •  Mexico City, México.
  •  Bangalore, India.
  • Tokyo, Japan.
  • San Jose, CA, USA.
  •  Madrid, Spain.
Risen Solar Panels by Perth Solar Warehouse

What do they cost?

Like any solar panel system, variances in cost is derived from system size to installation compatibility and inverter selection. As one of the more affordable solar panel options available, Risen Energy module options after the current STC rebate are likely to cost end-users (fully installed) from:

  • 3kW: $1990 – $3990 AUD.
  • 6kW: $2490 – $5990 AUD.
  • 10kW: $5990 – $9990 AUD.

Use the above prices as a guide only, and always consult a professional for a site-specific evaluation or quote to determine which product pairing is ideal for your scenario.

Please note that accurate (and often reduced) pricing is currently available in the Risen Energy Perth WA Product Feature within the latest PSW Catalogue >

Which is ideal for you?

In 90% of instances, a solar inverter ideally suited for your preferred Risen solar panel selection will come in the form of the first group below. No more than two roof orientations and minimal shading influences. The choice is often always defined by how much one wants to spend as all are excellent options.

Current Risen Solar panels:
  • Tip: Tap the below images to learn more about each available inverter technology.
2 roof orientations or less (premium):
Goodwe DNS Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Goodwe DNS
Solis Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Solis 4G
Sungrow SGR SG#K Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Sungrow SGK-D

AC coupled battery compatible (SENEC.Home, Tesla Powerwall 2), Great value, reliability, 10-year (5+5) product warranty, WiFi monitoring and Australian support.

2 roof orientations or less (platinum):
SMA Sunny Boy Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
SMA Sunny Boy AV-41
Fronius Primo Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Fronius Primo

AC coupled battery compatible (SENEC.Home, Tesla Powerwall 2), decades of customer satisfaction, reliability, 10-year (5+5) product warranty, advanced monitoring/ management and Australian support.

Greater than 2 roof orientations or shading (elite):
Enphase IQ7 by Perth Solar Warehouse
Enphase IQ7
SolarEdge HD Wave by Perth Solar Warehouse
SolarEdge HD Wave

AC coupled battery compatible (SENEC.Home, Tesla Powerwall 2), module-level optimisation, reliability, 10-year+ product warranty, superior asset management and Australian support. 

Hybrid (solar & DC coupled battery ready):
Huawei SUN2000L Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Huawei SUN2000L

DC coupled battery compatible (LG Chem, BYD options), great value, reliability, 10-year (5+5) product warranty, WiFi monitoring and Australian support.

It’s worth noting that the above grouping options are general only. Unlimited variations exist to accomodate the product of your choice with your specific installation, alway get a quote, chat with a technical professional and be clear about what you want/ budget. 3-phase inverter variants available for each option (inquire).

Risen Solar Panels Perth WA Ultimate Guide bonus:

5 kW & 10 kW FREE system upgrade. Receive a free upgrade from 5kW to 6.6kW (on a 5kW inverter) and 10kW to 13kW (on a 10kW inverter) of Risen solar panels if available space permits on the same roof face.

Mention “RISEN BONUS 2019” prior to buying.

Your ideal system selection continued...

Alternatively, discover your perfect Risen Energy infused solar power system in as little as 5 minutes flat with detailed annual yield insights and more. 

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Risen options for many are going to be hard to resist. With an above average warranty by an established manufacture and all options at an appealing price point it’s hard not to jump straight in. Research is good though and that’s why your here. A trusted Risen solar panel installer such as Perth Solar Warehouse can ensure you the extended life and support you deserve from a Risen solar energy system.



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Be good to yourself.

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