How does a Huawei inverter compare to European alternatives?

Huawei inverter and battery with city skyline in the background. Referencing: Oversizing Solar Arrays on Inverters with a battery.

A perceived newcomer to the solar inverter manufacturing (in comparison to alternative brands), Huawei, the global telecommunications mega-giant has actually been refining solar inverter designs many years prior to commercial availability. With such refinement prior to release, are Huawei solar inverters able to provide the satisfaction and meet the expectations you desire from a particular solar inverter technology?


Pros & cons

Similar to most inverters, Huawei solar inverters should meet suitability based on each installation circumstance. Circumstances which cater towards; personal preferences, installation design characteristics, budget, solar panel preference etc. Understanding such will inevitably help you understand if the following Huawei solar inverters are the right choice for your solar project.

Which inverter to consider

The anticipation surrounding Huawei’s cutting edge residential inverter technology first began in 2016 when impressive product specifications first began circulating. To much disappointment, the Huawei SUN2000L range of residential hybrid solar inverters didn’t make international commercial availability until 2018.

As it turns out, it was worth the wait. Rather than pushing for market dominance sooner, the resulting, now Gen-2, inverter models are a testament to modern inverter design and have reignited the competition towards more innovative power generation products.

DC Battery compatibility
Huawei L1
5 kW
Solar & battery
Huawei Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
5 & 6 kW
Solar & battery
Huawei Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
8, 10, 15 & 20 kW

The FusionSolar energy ecosystem

The possibilities for superior energy control and advanced savings become endless in your new electrified world. Setting and forgetting is now a means of a bygone solar era as true power exists in control. With an intelligently connected product suite, discover, one app, many appliances, improved visualisation and increased control.

Ecosystem attribute
Sungrow Hyrbid Three Phase Smart Meter by Perth Solar Warehouse
Smart Power Sensor
Energy monitoring & signalling
View energy import and export from the point of supply through FusionSolar App. Provides surplus energy signalling/control to ecosystem devices.
Huawei FusionCharge AC by Perth Solar Warehouse
Fusion Charge AC
Electric vehicle charging
Intelligently charge your electric vehicle with excess solar energy without exporting to the grid (Smart Power Sensor required).
Smart PV Optimizer by Perth Solar Warehouse
Smart PV Optimiser
Module-level optimisation and monitoring.
Shaded solar panels no longer impact the unshaded solar panels. Module performance monitoring.
Fusion Solar App
Rea-time & historical energy portal
Online visual gateway to advanced energy insight, management and control.

Intersolar award-winning, the next-generation residential three-phase Huawei inverter offering will be available from April 2021 to cater for those with smaller three-phase power supplies and a desire for battery connectivity.

Making use of optional extra’s such as the Smart Power Sensor or the Smart PV Optimiser facilitates the next-level of asset management and control in solar power generation. All Huawei inverters are now part of an elite group, as only two alternative string inverter manufacturers which can offer a “one manufacturer” solution with optional solar panel optimiser offerings.

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Huawei inverter warranty

Forget the 5+5 warranty all other manufacturers are offering. As of July 2019, Huawei’s residential solar inverter range comes with a solid 10-years out of the box when installed and activated by an approved Huawei inverter supplier such as Perth Solar Warehouse.

Further proof that Huawei is making a statement with not just cutting edge design, but also in overall product quality.

Huawei SUN2000 Warranty Download >

Where are they made

Huawei’s state of the art manufacturing facility provides precise, fully-automated assembly from Shenzen, China. However, this is only one element in the manufacturing process of Huawei solar inverters as the final result is a more international process than one may think.

Huawei inverter chipsets are designed in Silicon Vally, California, while the overall inverter architecture and design is derived from Huawei’s Nuremberg, Germany branch. Finally, inverter topology and algorithm is procured via Huawei Stockholm, Sweden. Utilising such broad international intelligence ultimately ensures a well-defined product.

What do they cost

Huawei inverters are a great replacement option for existing solar energy systems to enhance it into the modern era or as the primary choice in a new solar power system. Potentially the most appealing aspect for the technology at hand is the phenomenal price point.

Sample System Size
Cost per kW 1
cost 5 kW 2
PSW Price
Huawei L1
6.6 kW
Huawei Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
6.6 kW
Huawei Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
6.6 kW

1. Average cost per kW installed (after STC value deducted as a point-of-sale discount), considering average inverter cost compatible with the sample system size, and based on values relevant within 30 days of the article post date.

2. Compatible remove replace component cost based on values relevant within 30 days of the article post date. Ensure these Fronius inverter prices are our best. Get your copy of the latest Perth Solar Warehouse catalogue.

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Pairing options

To the astute energy investor, pairing a Huawei inverter with the ideal solar module often becomes the next consideration. However, different people have specific preferences towards the perfect solar panel selection. The following three solar module options are popular when paired with a Fronius inverter due to certain characteristic appeal.

LONGi HiMO 4 415W Solar Panels Perth Solar Warehouse 415

Brand strength: The Intersolar award-winning solar module of 2021, the Hi-MO 5, provides exceptional value by the world’s most prominent name in solar module manufacturing, LONGi. Renowned as a financially secure manufacturer, warranty strength is high even though the duration isn’t as long as many competing brands. LONGi →


Trina Solar Vertex S Panel Perth Solar Warehouse

N-Type module: From one of the world’s longest-serving module manufacturers (Est. 1997), the Trina Vertex S+ n-type is a testament to phenomenal engineering. More than another new era n-type module, the Vertex S+ combines superior durability and performance through dual-glass encapsulation for a more significant than average yield over time. Trina →


REC 400W Solar Panels Perth Solar Warehouse

Award-winning: “Better, not bigger” is the catchphrase by REC, and we couldn’t agree more. Simply because a solar panel has a higher power class doesn’t mean it’s better. Precisely why the multi-award-winning (Intersolar) brand for innovation is on the lips of many researched investors. Plus, they’re made in the super advanced technology hub of Singapore. REC →


Which is ideal for you?

Firstly, understand your power supply. Determine if you have a single-phase or three-phase power supply. Secondly, the system size you require is often derived from your average daily consumption.

Once the power supply and system requirements become known, understanding your installations ability to accommodate a set number of solar panels combined with your intended budget will assist with solar panel selection.

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