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Alpha ESS

Ensure your Alpha ESS by an Approved Alpha ESS Professional with proven Alpha ESS battery range knowledge. That’s your energy security assured.
Alpha ESS SMILE5 Front View

Alpha ESS, the all-in-one battery

Alpha ESS solar battery comes in varied forms to best compliment you power supply and budget. Choose your ideal Alpha ESS battery below.

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All-in-one battery only: 1 phase

The Alpha ESS SMILE-B3 and B5 range are ideal for combining with existing solar due to its scaled-down nature, battery-only inverter inside, and appealing cost. Even though these Alpha ESS batteries are single-phase only, three-phase power compatibility is possible with certain limitations.

5 kWh SMILE B3 Plus

from $5,990*  SALE

Alpha ESS Smile G3 BS

10 kWh SMILE G3 B5

from $8,990*  SALE

All-in-one battery & solar: 1 phase

These Alpha ESS SMILE range batteries are ideal for combining with new or existing solar systems on single-phase power supplies with the ability to replace an existing solar inverter equiped with a hybrid solar and battery inverter inside. If installing new with solar panels, no additional inverter is required.

Alpha ESS 10 kWh SMILE G3

10 kWh SMILE G3

from $12,990*  SALE  see catalogue

Alpha ESS SMILE5 Front View

10 kWh SMILE5 G2

from $9,490*  SALE 

Alpha ESS Battery for German Solar System Deals by Perth Solar Warehouse

13 kWh SMILE5 G2

from $11,490*  SALE 

All-in-one battery & solar: 3 phase

When you have a high demand three-phase power supply, consider the Alpha ESS T10 all-in-one battery with solar and battery function inside. Ideal for new or existing three-phase power supplies needing battery-only or solar & battery control.

Alpha ESS 8 kWh SMILE T0

8 kWh SMILE-T0

from $16,990*  SALE  see catalogue

Alpha ESS 16-kWh SMILE T0

16 kWh SMILE-T0

from $23,990*  SALE  see catalogue

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2. Premium Installation included*

20 years of experience in energy, we know Alpha ESS.

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Your Alpha ESS battery installation will occur on a weekday that works with you.

Affordable energy storage options exist with one of Australia’s highest-selling battery brands.

Three generations of innovation

 Perth Solar Warehouse technicians possess superior Alpha ESS battery system knowledge as your local Alpha ESS experts on the ground. Have questions? Get an Alpha ESS quote or contact sales support   



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Alpha ESS integration made simple with Perth Solar Warehouse.

3. Something extra?

Discounts await. Purchase additional products alongside your Alpha ESS for greater savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions; Alpha ESS

Not all installations are the same. Some require additional material to accomodate your Alpha ESS preference. Some installation types are very time consuming and not feasible to perform without additional costs.

Factors that affect costs involve power supply, complexity, material, time, access, safety, travel etc.

It’s important for everyone the job is done right, first.

On a cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis, the Alpha ESS solar battery range has made adopting a lithium battery system a far more viable concept than previously conceived. With such improved economic viability, the obvious question arises; is the Alpha ESS the ideal solar battery for you? Continue reading ›

Alpha ESS batteries are equiped with a 10 year battery warranty and 5 year internal inverter warranty (upgradeable). Accompanying an Alpha ESS battery, Perth Solar Warehouse provides a 10 year installation workmanship warranty for; supplementary parts, service and labour.

No. Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. A McKercher Corporation business (EC010771), Perth Solar Warehouse employs in-house electricians insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.
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1. Nominated prices refer to single-level same-roof dwellings within 10m of the switchboard connection with an approved mounting location where adequate switchboard provisions are available to accommodate the additional circuits within PSW Installation Zone 1. Additional installation costs may apply, inquire or learn more.

2. Perth Solar Warehouse reserves the right not to accept selected jobs irrelevant to installations meeting base criteria or advertised prices without reason. Be kind, we’re here to help.

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