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A solar battery is a vital part of every self-sufficient power supply. Possessing more intelligence than ever, an ideal battery exists to store your solar power.

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Alpha ESS, BYD, Goodwe, Growatt, Sigenergy, Sungrow and Tesla. Leading battery technology built to secure your energy future. Prices and options.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 with Solar Panels Perth WA
Tesla Powerwall - Hybrid Solar Deals - Perth Solar Warehouse

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With over 600,000 units installed globally, Powerwall is your proven energy storage solution.

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Sigenergy's SigenStor 5-one moduler sustainable energy system by Perth Solar Warehouse

NEW: SigenStor

Sigenergy’s resounding entrance to Australia with the world’s most versatile sustainable energy solution.

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Featured: Sigenergy

The world’s most advanced sustainable energy solution: Solar and Battery inverter, Blackout protection, EV charger, solar-optimisation, Smart Tariff utilisation and more. Sigenergy SigenStor review ›

Demand more than just a battery.

You expect more, our solar batteries do more. 

Goodwe Batteries by Perth Solar Warehouse

Goodwe Lynx

Goodwe’s new modular HV DC-coupled battery is set to become one of Perth’s most popular.

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BYD Energy Storage Perth Solar Warehouse


Modular DC coupled energy storage for Fronius & Goodwe hybrid inverters.

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The perfect solution.

When the world is consistently changing, your energy security is important.

Alpha G3 Batteries by Perth Solar Warehouse

Alpha ESS

All-in-one solar and energy storage by Alpha ESS. Single and three-phase.

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Sungrow SBR HV solar battery front view render for solar batteries by Perth Solar Warehouse


Modular DC-coupled energy storage for selected Sungrow hybrid inverters.

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