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Compare Solar Batteries.

360 degree energy savings, backup/ Emergency Power Supply (EPS), off-grid. Your primary purpose will often define your ideal solar battery selection. Compare solar batteries below and understand the differences from AC coupled to DC Coupled solutions.
Compare Solar Batteries

What do you need?

It can be a little tricky selecting the right battery type for one’s unique circumstance. Therefore, let’s make things a little easier by narrowing down the three main categories.

All-In-One solar battery systems are ideal for new installations with solar energy, for a minimalist design as internally there is a hybrid a solar and battery inverter inside. Often compatible with any existing solar.

AC-Coupled solar battery systems are ideal for almost any existing solar or new solar system with a standard solar inverter, as internally there is already a battery inverter incorporated. No need for a hybrid inverter!

DC-Coupled solar battery systems depend on an existing compatible solar and battery inverter. The price is often better, however, compatibility is limited to a select few inverter options in most instances.

All-In-One Solar Batteries.

Only limited by your power supply, All-in-one solar batteries are ideal for combining everything in one simple and very neat package. A perfect solution if you are ready to invest in a solar and battery system from the get go.

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AC-Coupled Solar Batteries.

When searching for a solar battery with any existing grid-tie solar pv system, the simplest option is to select an AC Coupled solar battery. Ensure your solar energy system can complete the journey with reliable AC Coupled energy storage.

Tesla Solar Battery


Powerwall 2
  • 13.5 kWh
  • 13.5 kWh useable.
  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC).
  • Single-phase (3-phase compatable).
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 67.
  • 10-yr warranty.

POWERWALL. No introduction needed. Powerwall provides the capacity most homes require daily combined with one of the best back-up power supply features thanks to the Tesla Gateway 2.

Price Gauge 1: from $13990.1

Price Gauge 2: $16490 – 20990.2

Compatibility: Most inverter types.

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DC-Coupled Solar Batteries.

Usually the most affordable by nature, installation requirements can be a little more involved. That aside, when paired with the ideal hybrid inverter, a DC-Coupled battery system provides exceptional value.


  • 5, 10, 15 KWh.
  • 5, 10, 15 KWh useable.
  • Lithium-iron phosphate (LFP).
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55
  • 10-yr warranty.

HUAWEI LUNA. The Huawei LUNA will be available only to Huawei solar inverter owners. Scalable in 3 different sizes and comprised of LG Chem cells. Release date is currently set for Q1 2021.

Price Gauge 1: from TBC.1

Price Gauge 2: TBC – TBC.2

Compatibility: Huawei L1, Huawei M1


  • 9.8 KWh.
  • 9.2 kWh useable.
  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC).
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55
  • 10-yr warranty.

LG RESU HV. With an impeccable reputation, the LG Chem RESU HV range remains one of the most versatile DC-Coupled solar batteries with compatibility to broad hybrid inverter types.

Price Gauge 1: from $8990.1

Price Gauge 2: from $12490.2

Compatibility: SMA Sunny Storage, Huawei L1, SolarEdge HD-Wave, SolarEdge StorEdge.


  • 15 kWh.
  • 12 kWh useable.
  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC).
  • Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 54
  • 10-yr warranty.

15K HV. Soluna‘s DC Coupled variant the 15K is exceptional value, high-density energy storage solution ideal for three-phase power supplies due to the batteries voltage range.

Price Gauge 1: from $9490.1

Price Gauge 2: from $12990.2

Compatibility: Goodwe ET inverter range.

BYD Battery Box Premium


  • 8, 11, 13 kWh.
  • 8, 11, 13 kWh useable.
  • Lithium-iron phosphate (LFP).
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55.
  • 10-yr warranty.

BYD HVM. Modular energy storage has been defined by BYD over the year. Go full capacity or easily build your storage requirements over time.

Price Gauge 1: from $9990.1

Price Gauge 2: from $13990.2

Compatibility: SMA Sunny Storage, Fronius GEN24 plus range, Goodwe ET, Goodwe EH.

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Frequently asked solar battery questions.

If you thought selecting the ideal solar panels was a confusing process, welcome to the world of ideal battery selection.

Nonetheless, your friendly team at PSW have your solar battery questions answered!


Available subsidies for Perth & Bunbury region WA exist only around carbon offset emissions on generation capacity, such as the solar array size.

Combining solar with batteries as a whole will allow subsidising of the entire package, but no more than if solar is installed without the battery. 


This is because basic system sizes in solar vs battery are completely different. 

Solar PV systems are advertised as kW. This is the amount of peak power the combined system can produce as a whole at Standard Test Conditions.

Battery systems are sized by kWh. Is is a more accurate reflection of supply ability over time. The peak power of a battery is often determined by the inverter it is connected to.

Quite Likely.
If you qualify for the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) you can receive 0.03c off-Peak and 0.10c Peak for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system. 
As long as the battery is set to zero export and the solar inverter capacity isn’t being increased, it’s quite likely (subject to Synergy approval) you’ll still qualify for DEBS.

Eligibility criteria and full pricing, learn more >


It’s all about battery selection. Potentially the easiest battery to to add to an existing standard solar energy is referred to as AC coupled in the variants such as the Tesla PowerWall 2 and the SENEC.Home range.

Alternative DC coupled battery options are available for standard string inverters in the form of the SolarWatt Matrix range. 


3-phase power supplies are a little tricky.

To keep it simple single-phase battery systems can work with 3-phase power while still proving energy savings across all 3-phases thanks to net metering here in Western Australia. However, if requiring back-up power supply features in the event of a blackout, only 1-phase can be supported – Powerwall does this brilliantly.

If requiring all three-phases to be supported in the event of a blackout, the best battery options are potentially DC-Coupled batteries as their output is governed by the connected inverter.

An excellent inverter option which facilitates 3-phase back-up power is the Goodwe ET range. Perhaps what distinguishes this particular inverter even more than alternative three-phase hybrid inverter offerings is the ability to supply the back-up loads as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) – the pinnacle of back-up functionality.

The Soluna 15k and the BYD HVM DC-Coupled solar batteries are two battery options within the PSW range which couple perfectly with the Goodwe ET 3-phase hybrid solar and battery inverter.

The Huawei LUNA battery, compatable with the Huawei M1 three-phase hybrid inverter is another great three phase option at minimal expense. However, back-up features are limited, requiring an additional back-up box as opposed to an all-in-one solution (specifications yet to be released).


Almost all battery brands are available for viewing at the PSW Research Centre. It’s advised to always check prior to arrival though due to stock rotations.

Want to see the live working battery systems in the PSW range without leaving the comfort of your PC? We have a portal for that!

Simply call PSW Tech Support on 08 6171 4111 (Mon to Fri). Request a live battery demo and we’ll shoot you a live link with some expert commentary specific to your particular installation. Great opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve got

More specials than you can poke a stick at! However, let’s get what you need fast, a one way ticket direct to the latest Perth Solar Warehouse solar specials >

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It all depends on what you want the solar battery to do. If you are looking at storing solar energy for later use with no back-up functionality, this is the most affordable option.

Want to capitalise on a solar batteries back-up features? Expect to pay more for the luxury as individual installation specifics will always play a big part. There is no average here.

The mother of all, off-grid. A well thought out energy assessment and a sizeable investment is required when compared against any advertised prices or basic battery system. Battery deals >


1. Price Gauge 1 is a retrofit guide only and refers to installations within PSW Installation Zone 1, with an existing compatible solar energy system, on a single-roof and single-level dwelling, refer to the latest price list.
2. Price Gauge 2 is a new guide only and refers to installations which include 6.6kW solar array capacity being installed at the same time as installing a battery, within STC Zone 3 and PSW Installation Zone 1, 5kW Inverter capacity, on a single-roof and single-level dwelling with selected 6.6kW solar panel configurations, refer to the latest price list.
3. Single or Three-phase compatibility determined by the nominated inverter to be connected.

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