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360-degree energy savings or blackout protection. Your primary purpose will often define your ideal solar battery selection. 

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DC Coupled Solar Batteries.

HV DC-Coupled solar batteries are the new standard for residential solar with a compatible hybrid solar and battery inverter.

Huawei Inverters & Batteries-by Perth Solar Warehouse


  • 5, 10, 15 KWh.
  • 5, 10, 15 KWh useable.
  • LiFePO4.
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55 (indoor/outdoor).
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Huawei L1 & M1 compatible.
Sungrow Energy Storage Perth Solar Warehouse


  • 9, 12, 16, 19 kWh.
  • 9.6, 12.8, 16, 19.2 kWh useable.
  • LiFePO4.
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55 (outdoor).
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Sungrow hybrid RS & RT compatible.
BYD Energy Storage - Perth Solar Warehouse


HVM Premium
  • 11, 13, 16 kWh.
  • 11, 13, 16 kWh useable.
  • LiFePO4.
  • Single & Three-phase. 3
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 55 (indoor/outdoor).
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Fronius GEN24 compatible.

AC Coupled Solar Batteries.

Connect to an existing solar energy system or seamlessly integrate with a new solar energy system.

Alpha ESS Inverters & Batteries Perth Solar Warehouse

Alpha ESS

  • 10, 13 kWh.
  • 9.3, 13 kWh useable.
  • LiFePO4.
  • Single-phase.
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 65 (indoor/outdoor)
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Hybrid solar & battery inverter inside.
Alpha ESS Smile 10 Inverters-&-Batteries-by Perth Solar Warehouse

Alpha ESS

  • 8, 16 kWh.
  • 7.8, 16 kWh useable.
  • LiFePO4.
  • Three-phase.
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 65 (indoor/outdoor).
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Hybrid solar & battery inverter inside.
Tesla Powerwall 2 by Perth Solar Warehouse


Powerwall 2
  • 13.5 kWh
  • 13.5 kWh useable.
  • NMC.
  • Single-phase (3-phase compatible).
  • On grid/ backup.
  • IP 67 (indoor/outdoor).
  • 10-yr warranty.
  • Compatible with most inverters.

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Frequently Asked Questions; Compare Batteries

AC Coupled battery systems come equipped with a battery inverter and require no additional components to integrate with a solar energy system.


DC Coupled batteries require a battery inverter to produce useable energy and can only be used with a compatible hybrid inverter within the Perth Solar Warehouse range.

1) System design flexibility is perhaps the most prominent feature of DC-Coupled batteries.


2) Cost per kWh storage capacity is often deemed more economically viable on an intrinsic level. However, this is subjective depending on the overall function you expect from the system.


Expanding on system design flexibility, for those seeking increased array capacity where network limitations exist, the 33% solar array oversizing cap can be exceeded by integrating DC Coupled batteries while claiming STCs on the additional solar array capacity. 

Therefore, single-phase installations limited to 5 kW inverter capacity can reap the benefits of up to an approximate 10 kW solar array as all available units generated from the array isn't clipped by the inverter but rather stored. A helpful power expansion method that also applies to network-limited 3-phase energy systems.

Limited integration options. Here's why. It all depends on the inverter you have installed as to the connected battery options available on the DC side of the inverter.


It's worth noting that inverters with a DC Coupled battery input function can still accommodate an AC Coupled battery such as Tesla Powerwall 2.

There are essentially 2 variants that selected manufacturers will preference. 1) Low Voltage. 2) High Voltage.


High Voltage (HV) DC Coupled batteries are the emerging leader in next-generation technology due to improved safety, efficiency and ease of integration.


Ensuring the most advanced products to consumers with a daily load shaving preference, all Perth Solar Warehouse DC Coupled batteries are High Voltage battery variants.

Integration flexibility. AC-coupled batteries are effectively HV DC-Coupled batteries with a battery inverter inbuilt ensuring seamless connection to the mains supply.


In the simplest terms, by connecting to the mains supply, AC Coupled batteries use sensors around the grid supply and the solar supply to tell the battery when to charge and discharge. Through such methods, AC Coupled solar batteries can connect with most standard solar inverters.

The cost previously was greater due to the additional expense of the battery inverter within. However, this is becoming less of a barrier for many with advanced features such as blackout protection and improved battery intelligence bespoke to your energy goals can be achieved when manufacturers such as Tesla innovate such refined technologies.

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Perth Solar Warehouse supplies fully installed products only in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region).

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