Is a Fronius inverter worth the additional cost?

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Many say yes, and some say no. However, it’s 2024, and a decade of innovation has passed since the launch of the acclaimed Fronius snap-inverter range. An iconic inverter suite, catapulting Fronius’s success in Australia. With a vast improvement in all electronic products manufactured globally, an often confronting question arises when exploring a solar energy investment, “is a Fronius inverter worth the additional expense?”. Although, a more modern perspective exists to determine a Fronius inverter’s suitability and value. Consider the ecosystem.


Key points

The modern energy ecosystem is where energy control harmonises and comes together as one. Each dwelling within Australia is about to form its own over the new decade.

The useability and effectiveness of this energy ecosystem reflect the product selection along the journey. Consider the solar inverter the foundation of your new energy ecosystem. Like any new building, constructing an energy system with a stable foundation is essential.

With an excellent reputation, incorporating a Fronius inverter as the foundation of a solar energy system is considered by many an astute move. However, an energy system is more than just solar in 2024. It’s an ecosystem, and additional consideration of the Fronius inverters associated peripherals should be considered at the same time.

Which to consider

Ensuring the ideal foundation for your new energy ecosystem means selecting the precise Fronius inverter. Power supply to the premises defines your Fronius inverter model in most instances. Single-phase power supplies consider Primo branded Fronius inverters. Three-phase dwellings have the expanded offering of the Fronius Symo inverter models catering towards increased power demands.

DC Battery compatibility
Fronius Primo Gen24
Primo GEN24
5 kW
Solar & battery
Fronius GEN24 Symo Inverter
Symo GEN24
5, 8, & 10 kW
Solar & battery
Fronius Symo Inverter
15 & 20 kW

Fronius Primo GEN24: Due to grid limitations, Perth, Western Australia (region) is limited to single-phase inverter sizes no greater than 5 kW output. Therefore, the 5 kW Fronius Primo GEN24 is an ideal single-phase solution capable of handling up to 9.9 kW of solar panels when paired with a BYD HVM DC-coupled battery. A handy trick if a 6.6 kW solar array is a tad shy of the power you desire.

Fronius Symo GEN24: Three-phase hybrid solar and battery inverters are gaining rapid appeal. The Symo GEN24 is your Fronius inverter of choice if increased battery connectivity options constitute a significant preference. Although, due to the often cumbersome nature of hybrid inverters, it’s unlikely to see power classes greater than 10 kW.

Fronius Symo: The proven Fronius inverter for most three-phase power supplies. Fronius Symo inverters provide added field assurance with over a decade of successful implementation in Australia. A solar-only model, the Symo retains an onboard display for localised production and state interpretations as an ideal solution for dwellings with limited internet connectivity. As with all Fronius inverters, AC-coupled batteries are compatible.


GEN24 or GEN24Plus? Save your money. Unless integrating the BYD HVM battery simultaneously with the solar energy system, there are limited reasons to invest in a Fronius GEN24PLUS model initially. Converting the GEN24 (non-plus) model to a GEN24PLUS after installation is easy. It’s a (paid) firmware update activated within your Fronius Solar.web monitoring portal, referred to as FroniusUP. If implementing the BYD battery in the future, simply activate this feature. Doing so reduces the initial system cost and ensures no wasted capital if the battery isn’t required.

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The Fronius energy ecosystem

The possibilities for superior energy control and advanced savings become endless in your new electrified world. Setting and forgetting is now a means of a bygone solar era as true power exists in control. With an intelligently connected product suite, discover, one app, many appliances, improved visualisation and increased control.

Fronius Multiflow GEN24 Inverter
Ecosystem attribute
Fronius Smart Meter
Smart Meter
Energy monitoring & signalling
View energy import and export from the point of supply from solar.web. Provides surplus energy signalling/control to ecosystem devices.
Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger
Electric vehicle charging
Intelligently charge your electric vehicle with excess solar energy without exporting to the grid (Smart Meter required).
Fronius Ohmpilot
Electric hot water control
Excess solar energy heats water, use energy efficient hot water at night.
Rea-time & historical energy portal
Online visual gateway to advanced energy insight, management and control.

Smart Meter: Opening up Solar.web for the first time without a Fronius Smart Meter installed feels a little underwhelming. Installed in line with your energy supply point, this device monitors excess solar energy exported to the grid while delivering real-time energy consumption information fulling in the gaps related to your general energy profile. Understanding your energy profile how you produce and consume energy is the key to bill reduction success.

In addition, your alternative Fronius ecosystem devices require the signalling information provided by the Fronius Smart Meter to work to their potential. The Fronius Smart Meter should be considered an essential tool when buying a Fronius inverter powered energy system. 

Wattpilot: A standard electric vehicle charger. However, when incorporated alongside a Fronius inverter power energy system and Fronius Smart Meter, the Wattpilot’s full capabilities are realised. Ensure your car is charged entirely from the sun or low-cost grid energy with various modes. Your vehicle becomes an extension of your energy system. Shop Wattpilot → 

Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger with a woman standing beside a car

Ohmpilot: Use your storage electric hot water unit as an intelligent energy storage system. Depending on your set preferences, divert excess solar energy, not being consumed within the premises, to the heating of stored hot water for later use. Rinse and repeat: Re-heat water the following day with excess sun energy.

Solar.web:  Where your Fronius inverter infused energy profile comes together for detailed energy visualisation, system diagnostics, service messages, service alarms, beneficial data and expanded energy control. An online web portal, access your solar.web from a desktop browser or Android and iOS smart devices. To ensure solar.web provides reliable energy insight, a stable LAN or WiFi connection is required to your Fronius inverter at all times. 

With a deeper understanding of the Fronius inverter powered ecosystem, certain features will instantly appeal, while others maybe not as much depending on your appliances. Nonetheless, it’s vital to keep exploring certain attributes of the Fronius inverter type and size better to understand value (cost vs benefit over time)…

Fronius inverter specialists. Ensure a solar quote by a trusted Fronius Service Partner. 

Fronius inverter warranty

Fronius inverters come equipped with a popular 10 year (5+5 year upon activation) product warranty when purchased through an authorised Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP) such as Perth Solar Warehouse.

A responsible warranty attribute to ensure Fronius has the registered information of your device and the company that installed your system. With such safeguards in place, greater serviceability of your warranty, most important, system up-time maximised over the serviceable life.

As with all warranty conditions, if the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines are not adhered to during installation, there is no warranty. An ideal reminder that selecting an adequately manufacturer-trained service partner to perform the installation provides greater warranty assurance.

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Fronius Service Partner – Perth Solar Warehouse

Where are they made

If you prefer European-built appliances, take comfort in knowing Fronius inverters are built in Wels, Austria (near Linz).

An advanced organisation, Fronius employs more than 4000 people developing what is considered cutting-edge European energy technology.

What do they cost

Selecting a Fronius inverter as the heart of your energy system is considered a reasonable method by many towards availing of future disappointment. With a proven track record, discerning shoppers often gravitate towards a Fronius inverter as part of a new system or a replacement option when an existing inverter has failed.

The below values consider the most common Fronius inverters and system size in a cost comparison. If preferencing a larger system size, multiply the cost per kW value by the desired system size for a general price guide.

Sample System Size
Cost per kW 1
cost 5 kW 2
PSW Price
Fronius Primo Gen24
Primo GEN24
6.6 kW
Fronius GEN24 Symo Inverter
Symo GEN24
6.6 kW
Fronius Symo Inverter
6.6 kW

1. Average cost per kW installed (after STC value deducted as a point-of-sale discount), considering average inverter cost compatible with the sample system size, and based on values relevant within 30 days of the article post date.

2. Compatible remove replace component cost based on values relevant within 30 days of the article post date. Ensure these Fronius inverter prices are our best. Get your copy of the latest Perth Solar Warehouse catalogue.

Final chance. Your copy of the latest Perth Solar Warehouse catalogue. 

Pairing options

To the astute energy investor, pairing a Fronius inverter with the ideal solar module often becomes the next consideration. However, different people have specific preferences towards the perfect solar panel selection. The following three solar module options are popular when paired with a Fronius inverter due to certain superior characteristic appeal.

Reputation: The Canadian Solar TOPHiKu6 440W variant provides the modern n-type TOPCon cell architecture many Fronius inverter customers seek, combining improved affordability and renowned brand strength to Australian conditions. Canadian Solar ›


Jinko Neo Satin all-black solar panel render for solar panels by Perth Solar Warehouse

Popular: More than a new era n-type module, the Jinko Tiger Neo combines superior durability and performance for assured energy investment. Jinko reins as one of Australia’s favourite solar panel brands with over 1,000,000 Jinko Tiger Neo 440W n-type solar panels shipped (Aug 2023). Learn more ›


Award-winning: “Better, not bigger” is the phrase by REC, and we couldn’t agree more. Simply because a solar panel has a higher power class doesn’t mean it’s better. Precisely why the multi-award-winning (Intersolar) brand for innovation is on the lips of many researched investors. Plus, they’re made in the super advanced technology hub of Singapore. REC Solar ›


Which is ideal for you

Understanding your power supply is the best place to start. Determine if you have a single or 3-phase power supply to your property. Next, your required system size is often derived from your average daily consumption as listed on your electricity bill.

Once the power supply and system size is ascertained, your properties ability to accomodate a set number of solar panels combined with your intended budget will assist with ultimate Fronius inverter powered energy solution to harness the full extent of the Fronius energy ecosystem.

Seeking a custom Fronius inverter solution? A trusted Fronius Service Partner (FSP) based in Perth, Western Australia, Perth Solar Warehouse sales support can assist.

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