Synergy Solar Feed-in Tariff, in Detail.

The Synergy solar feed-in tariff (or DEBS – Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme) is minimal compared to alternative states and another great reason why you should avoid buying a solar return system through Synergy. Nonetheless, there is no reason why you shouldn’t flex your eligibility muscle and receive a portion of value for exported electricity units as opposed to nothing at all.


What are the fees?

Fortunately, the savings from a solar energy system negates these initial fees often within the first month or two. However, before applying for anything, it’s always best to understand the costs involved.

DEBS administration fee
$21.00 (inc GST) per account

For the above costs, you can receive 0.10c for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system during peak period (between 3pm – 9pm) and 0.03c for each unit exported during the off-peak periods (before 3pm or after 9pm). 

Synergy Solar Feed-in Tariff Perth WA (DEBS) Pricing Schedule >

Metering costs to switch to DEBS
Single-phase meter
$95.70 (inc GST)
Three-phase meter
$95.70 (inc GST)
Reprogramming fee for compatible meters
$95.70 (inc GST)

What do I get in return?

For the now simplified initial cost of $116.70 to apply and ensure the correct metering, you can receive 10c for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system during peak period (between 3pm – 9pm) and 3c for each unit exported during the off-peak periods (before 3pm or after 9pm). 

Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme Rate
Peak – Between 3pm and 9pm
Off-Peak – Before 3pm or after 9pm
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Am I eligible?

In the simplest terms possible, Residential customers with no more than 5kW solar inverter capacity.

The only non-residential customers who can access the solar feed-in tariff Perth WA are not-for-profit agencies and educational organisations. In addition to the essential system criteria, required is the following:

  • Both Synergy and Western Power approval to connect to the grid.
  • An approved bi-directional meter as in the above table.
Solar energy systems with battery AC & DC coupled battery integration can also continue to receive the solar feed-in tariff Perth WA (DEBS) on the condition the battery export limit is set to 0 kW.
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The application process.

WARNING. Obtaining both Synergy and Western Power approval will automatically add the expenses to your next Synergy bill.

Therefore, it’s recommended to consult with a provider first (such as PSW support) for guidance as the the right system for your needs when you are ready to proceed as opposed to applying in advance. 

Most solar providers will take care of the entire application process for the customer once a completed contract is in place, the steps are as follows:

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