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The EV charger installation Perth electric vehicle drivers love. Outstanding value is a bonus.

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Perth Solar Warehouse is your Tesla and leading brand endorsed EV charger installation service. 4.9/5 local installer, 600+ Google reviews.

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Recommended installer of Tesla, Fronius, Sungrow, Goodwe & Growatt electric vehicle chargers. 

You’re in safe hands. PSW is a Tesla-endorsed premium installer with a cost-competitive, 5-star rated electric vehicle charger installation guarantee.

The cost to install an EV charger will vary depending on your property’s power supply, where you want your EV charger installed and the functions you expect from it.

With licensed in-house electricians, Perth Solar Warehouse can deliver a price-competitive express EV charger installation quote directly to your inbox within 24 to 48 hours (business days). We’ll send a technician for assessment at no cost if it’s determined a site visit is essential.

EV charger installation factors that affect costs involve power supply, complexity, material, time, access, safety, travel etc. Base EV charger installation costs begin differing depending on whether you need a 7 kW (single-phase) or 11/22 kW (three-phase) outlet. It will always be easiest and most cost-effective to install a 7 kW outlet.

3-phase power: If you have a three-phase switchboard, space can be limited, potentially impacting the ability to accommodate the three-phase circuit protection required for an 11/22 kW charger. Three-phase cabling, circuit protection and labour component costs increase for Three-phase provisioning. If you’re looking to keep costs down, stick with 7 kW.

Solar-optimisation features: Similar to three-phase, solar-optimisation incorporated with selected EV charging outlets have an increased labour component to accommodate. Certain additional parts may also be required for a function that meets expectations. Although, we will always provide clear and concise extra cost breakdowns during the quoting stage.

Job complexity: What sort of premises do you have, and how simple is your EV charger installation? We need to assess the complexity of your site to ensure the right amount of time is allocated to accommodate certain complexities safely.

Yes. As long as it is supplied directly from one of our manufacturer partners, unused and unopened. 

Usually within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your preferred date (business days). As one of Perth’s few manufacturer-aligned electric vehicle charger installers, seasonal variances and new car shipments/arrivals can affect this. 

  • Non-peak periods: Within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Surge periods: Within 2 to 4 weeks.

We recommend ordering your EV charger installation shortly after ordering your electric vehicle to ensure you can fast charge your car from day one to avoid potential surge period delays.

No. Your quoted price by Perth Solar Warehouse is your final price for the intended scope of work.

Should you have a change of mind or alter the scope of work on installation day, we’ll do our best to accommodate what is possible. However, please keep in mind that certain variations may not be able to be accommodated within the original quoted price.

We’ll always be clear and transparent surrounding costs before proceeding with any work.

Yes. Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. A McKercher Corporation subsidiary (EC010771), Perth Solar Warehouse uses only in-house electricians insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

At the completion of your installation you will receive an Electrical Safety Certificate for the works carried out. The work is then subject to a potential audit by West Australian Electrical Inspectors.

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20 years of experience in energy, we know the EV charging installation Perth electric vehicle drivers need.

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Receive a quote with no hidden costs for the installation of your EV Charger.

Your EV charger installation will occur on a weekday that suits you.

Uninterrupted electric driving freedom begins at the point of charge.

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EV Charger Installations Perth WA:

Ensure only an expert with specialist product knowledge supports you throughout your electric vehicle driving journey. Perth Solar Warehouse is your manufacturer preferred EV Charger installation partner.

BYO EV Charger vs PSW EV Charger

It’s tempting to ‘Buy Your Own’ EV charger on the internet and seek out a reputable EV charger installation Perth customers endorse. Although, there are certain advantages to purchasing and installing your electric vehicle charger through Perth Solar Warehouse.


  • Potential lower product cost
  • Shipping expense
  • Product warranty with the supplier
  • Potential warranty service expense
  • n/a
  • n/a


  • Affordable supply/install package cost
  • n/a
  • All-in-one product & service warranty
  • No warranty expense
  • Responsible in absence of manufacturer
  • PSW Life Support

Solar Optimised EV Chargers

Power your vehicle 100% from the sun with a solar-optimised electric vehicle charger – The EV charger installation Perth electric vehicle drivers request often.

Solar optimising your electric vehicle charger variably ramps up and down your electric vehicle charge rate depending on how much excess solar power your home produces before exporting to the grid.

Solar-optimised EV charging is ideal for those who would like to effortlessly power their electric vehicle from the sun’s daily rain of photons.

If installed, this feature can be activated and deactivated as required via the product app.

It’s a great feature add-on, but it’s not particularly essential. You can manually solar-optimise your charging times and outlets charge rate to match excess energy production (if you have a solar consumption monitor installed).

If you don’t have an energy consumption monitor installed with your solar energy system, aim for charging times aligned with peak production periods of the day with not too many big appliances operating in the background. Be sure not to exceed your solar inverters production capacity by monitoring the EV chargers designated app.

Don’t have solar installed? Consider a Synergy EV Add On plan. Super Off Peak electric vehicle charging uses the surplus solar energy on the grid from 9am to 3pm for only $0.082c per unit. It’s important to make sure the product suits your entire energy profile.

Yes. Your EV charger installation location must be in range of an active WiFi access point with a strong signal. Perth Solar Warehouse electricians can then facilitate the connection to the electric vehicle charging portal. It is then the users responsibility to maintain the WiFi connection between the modem and the electric vehicle charger.

PSW Life Support is rapidly expanding to include an online database of WiFi reconnection guides for your ongoing support and convenience. WiFi Reconnect Assistant ›

Sit back, relax, we’ve got this. If approvals are required within the scope of work, we’ll co-ordinate with the relevant authorities and ensure everything is ready for your scheduled installation date. You’ll receive regular updates from PSW projects as your job progresses up until installation.

To assist with a seamless EV charger installation, all we ask is that you please have two aspects preprepared:

  1. The intended EV charger installation location cleared of obsticles so the technicians can easily access the mounting location for the charger.
  2. Your WiFi access details as the technicians will require this to connect your new EV charger to monitoring features and firmware updates.

Only for manufacturer-supplied products with which we are partnered.

If purchasing a supply and install product combination (package) from Perth Solar Warehouse, you’re always guaranteed PSW Life Support access with a comprehensive product and workmanship warranty with no unforeseen warranty related expenses throughout the warranty period. 

Depending on the particulars and if we require additional information, a Perth solar Warehouse express quote will arrive in your inbox within 24 – 48 hours (business days).

However, if a site visit is necessary, we’ll dispatch an in-house electrician, on an agreed date to inspect the property at no cost.

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1. The listed price refers to single-level, single-phase dwellings under the same roof within 10m of the switchboard connection where adequate switchboard provisions are available to accommodate the additional circuitry within PSW Installation Zone 1. Additional installation costs may apply; inquire or learn more.

2. Your BYO (Bring/Buy Your Own) product may not be compatible with your installation type or that of which Perth Solar Warehouse is prepared to warrant. A remote installation suitability assessment by Perth Solar Warehouse is required before a nominated price is deemed final. 

3. Due to warranty complexities, only new unopened EV chargers from selected manufacturers will be accepted as a Bring Your Own product. Proof of purchase from an Australian supplier may be required.

4. The Perth Solar Warehouse warranty can only be applied to the workmanship component when purchasing an electric vehicle charger from an alternative vendor (Bring Your Own charger). Site visit service fees will apply if a warranty scenario arises and the workmanship is not at fault (product failure). It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pursue potential loss with the vendor. 

4. Perth Solar Warehouse reserves the right not to accept selected jobs irrelevant to installations meeting base criteria or advertised prices without reason.

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What's your cost? It's free to ask

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What's your cost? It's free to ask

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What's your cost? It's free to ask

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