Are Trina solar panels likely to outperform?

As one of the most prominent solar panel manufacturers over the last decade by volume, there is no doubt Trina solar panels are often a consideration for many when shortlisting options. Alike all leading volume based manufacturers, Trina solar panels aren’t immune to a share of batch related issues. Therefore, are modern varients of Trina solar panels likely live up to expectation?


Now one of the more regarded and respected solar panel manufacturers, there is no question that Trina as a brand has supported past batch related errors exceptionally well in Australia. One step further, no longer a manufacturer of entry level module designs, Trina solar panels on certain levels are now pushing evolutionary boundaries.

That being said, there remain selected Trina solar panels homeowners should avoid and consider. Evaluate the initial need to know information before buying, including which Trina solar panel and inverter selection is ideal for you.

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Which to avoid?

Selected retailers/installers around localised West Australian regions promote larger 72-cell (or 144-half cell) Trina solar panels as ultra-high powered solar module options. Unfortunately, these modules are no more high powered than their 60-cell counter parts as the efficiency is exactly the same. 

The overall dimensions of 72-cell (144-half cell) Trina solar panels are larger and heavier with often increased side effects in residential scenarios. Primarily designed for greater load bearing infrastructure such as commercial installations, 72-Cell solar panels are designed for a purpose which isn’t necessarily your home.

Residential 60-Cell (120 – 132 half-cell):

Honey TSM-PD05 (260-280W)P
15.9 – 17.1%
SplitMax TSM-PE05H (280-290W)M
16.9 – 17.5%
Honey TSM-DD05 (280-315W)M
17.1 – 19.2%

Commercial 72-Cell (144 – 156 half-cell):

TallMax TSM-PE14H (330-345W)
16.6 – 17.4%
SplitMax TSM-DE14H (355-395W)
17.9 – 19.9%
DuoMax TSM-DEG14 (340-375W)
17.3 – 19.1%

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Trinahome by Perth Solar Warehouse

Which to consider?

It all depend on ones budget and available roof space in this instance. Multicrystalline based Trina solar panels are likely to better compliment those on a restricted budget if an abundance of available roof area exists.

Utilising a 60-cell (122-half cell) monocrystalline Trina solar panel variant with an increased efficiency will maximise a rooftops energy harvesting ability if limited space exists. 

Residential 60-Cell (120 – 132 half-cell):

Honey TSM-DD06H (315-335W)M
18.5 – 19.7%
Honey DD06M.08 (320-340W)M
18.8 – 19.9%

What is the warranty?

Trina solar panels are equiped with an industry standard warranty for all solar panels within the range. Above standard though are the rated testing specifications towards which Trina solar panels are subjected to withstand, above IEC standard such as the above average hail resistance rating. 

Product Warranty:

A comprehensive product warranty covers both service and product for 10-years in the event of a failure. Comprehensive in the nature as alternative solar panel product warranties fall short of covering the service cost in the event of a product issue.

All Trina Solar Panels

Performance Warranty:

The performance warranty behind all Trina solar panels states that after the first year degradation period, the selected module’s performance, when tested at Standard Test conditions, ensures the panel shall not have degraded by more than 0.7% per annum.

P/A after
Multicrystalline solar panels
Monocrystalline solar panels

Period: Degradation period, Year-1: maximum warranted output degradation in the first year, P/A after: maximum warranted output degradation per annum within the nominated Period after Year-1.

Where are they made?

One of the few true vertically integrated solar panel manufacturers of the world, Trina Solar now manufactures each key component of their solar panel options. This includes the follow critical processes; silicon ingots > silicon wafers > solar cells > solar modules. A majority of solar panel manufacturers are purely an assembly point comprised of multiple component manufacturers.

A part of the elite Silicon Module Super League, Trina Solar panels and their associated components are derived predominantly from Jiangsu, China.

Trina Solar Cell Sorting Step

What do they cost?

Variances exist between specific Trina solar panels and the solar inverters in which they are connected too. Furthermore, the installation plays a significant and vital part towards determining overall final cost. It is though possible to gauge some general price variances according to system size.

  • 3kW: $2490 – $4990 AUD.
  • 6kW: $2990 – $6990 AUD.
  • 10kW: $6990 – $14990 AUD.

Above price variances consider the current STC zone 3 subsidy already deducted as a point of sale discount. With any general listed solar pricing, site specific variables cannot always be accounted for. Obtaining a friendly, customised price through Perth Solar Warehouse is often the best way to eliminate any unknown costs.

Not one Perth Solar Warehouse customer has ever endured additional expense beyond the point of quotation and neither shall you. PSW remain committed to being both thorough and accountable for all customers.

Please note that accurate (and often reduced) pricing is currently available in the Trina Solar Perth and Bunbury WA Product Feature within the latest PSW Catalogue >

Which is ideal for you?

Much like in the above “which to consider”  section, your ideal Trina solar panel option will be defined by your specific installation. Those with an abundance of optimised roof area can afford to save on module selection cost through less expensive, lower efficiency Trina solar panels.

Module specifics aside, the alternative critical factor to ensure the desired Trina solar panel variant is compatible is via the connected inverter technology. Each Solar inverter should always be custom selected based on individual site requirements due to variable electrical characteristics.

Featured Trina Solar panels:
Trina Honey TSM-DD06H by Perth Solar Warehouse

Trina Solar

Honey M-DD06H
  • 120-cell mono PERC.
  • 18% efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.39%/oC.
  • 1698 x 1004 x 35 mm.
  • 10-yr product wnty.
  • 25-yr perform wnty.
  • Made in China.

Trina Solar

Honey M DD06M
  • 120-cell mono PERC.
  • 19% efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.37%/oC.
  • 1698 x 1004 x 35 mm.
  • 10-yr product wnty.
  • 25-yr perform wnty.
  • Made in China.
Featured inverter options:


Sunny Boy AV-41
  • 1-phase.
  • 3, 5 kW.
  • AC battery compatible.
  • WiFi/ Ethernet LAN.
  • Sunny Portal by ennexOS.
  • 97% efficiency.
  • 10-year (5+5) warranty.
  • Made in Germany.


  • 1-phase.
  • 3, 5 kW.
  • AC & DC battery compatible.
  • WiFi/ Ethernet LAN.
  • Huawei FusionSolar.
  • 98.6% efficiency.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in China.
Featured inverter alternatives:

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Your ideal system selection continued...

Alternatively, discover your perfect Trina Solar infused solar power system in as little as 5 minutes with detailed annual yield insights and more. 

Understanding that Trina solar panels, in general, is a high-quality solution for your solar project is a fantastic space to be in. Taking advantage of the Perth Solar Warehouse range of amazing Trina Solar deals is will no doubt alleviate any chance of buyers remorse when taking the next step to go solar.



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