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Solar Battery Systems.

Got an existing solar energy system and need to store the excess power for use later? Maybe you require the convenience of a back-up power supply? The below solar battery system deals by Perth Solar Warehouse are here to make integrating battery technology more affordable.
Solar Batteries Deals

Solar battery system deals.

Your storage capacity requirements are different from your neighbours. Therefore, why should your battery system be the same? The Perth Solar Warehouse solar battery system deals below have been selected to accommodate a varied range of power supply requirements.

Elements which can affect your ideal solar battery system range from; required storage capacity, back-up power supply features, the need for DC-coupled battery technology or the need for AC- coupled battery technology.

Solar Batteries

Each featured solar battery option above has been carefully selected to offer extraordinary value for the price. Simply tap any of the above images to learn more about a particular solar battery.

*Combine and save sale price listed when combined with any Perth Solar Warehouse solar energy system package (as below) on single-level dwellings with an approved mounting location within 5m of the main switchboard (AC-Coupled) or inverter location (DC Coupled). Selected battery DC-Coupled battery technologies may require additional hardware at an extra cost. Additional installation costs may apply (inquire).

Systems to match.

Did you know, Perth Solar Warehouse is a trusted manufacturer certified installation partner for most stocked brands? Manufacturer partners possess intimate product knowledge and an assured product warranty for the nominated period through advanced training. 

Tap any of the above images to learn more about a battery compatible solar package.

*Terms and conditions available within the nominated product. 

Make sure the above solar battery system prices are our best!

Once you’ve decided which solar battery system you like, compare and view; estimated performance, environmental benefits, potential electricity bill savings, return on investment and more!

SALE: Unbeatable solar battery system value by Perth Solar Warehouse;

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  • PSW leading 15-year workmanship warranty.
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Your ideal solar battery system, exclusive discounts, fully installed prices!

Frequently Asked Battery Questions

AC coupled solar battery systems connect directly to the switchboard. Possessing an internal battery inverter, AC-coupled solar batteries monitor solar production and grid energy flow with an additional monitoring device located in the switchboard to communicate when the battery should charge and discharge.

DC-coupled solar batteries connect directly to a nominated battery input on selected (usually hybrid) inverters. Due to communication compatibilities, DC-coupled solar battery systems are limited between selected brands. DC-Coupled batteries contain no internal inverter and are managed by the existing inverter with a connected power supply energy monitor.

All-in-one solar batteries are a DC-Coupled solar battery system within a box. This “box” contains almost everything to manage the solar and battery system. From a consumers perspective though, the box can be considered AC-Coupled, as it connects directly to the switchboard. However, batteries are always DC-Coupled internally (even on AC-coupled solar batteries).

Only as a special order.

As residential solar batteries surge in development towards everyday life, there is an increased shift towards high-voltage battery technology.

Why? Manufacturers are beginning to develop solar batteries with ease of installation at the forefront.

The beauty of high-voltage battery system technology means lower-current to achieve the desired power required. As of such, high-voltage solar battery systems makes way for a more straightforward, less cumbersome installation, ideal for the majority of residential installations.

Remember; Volts x Amps = Power. Conversely, low voltage batteries possess greater current flow in order to meet the power demand. Greater current flow has it’s own hazards and in-turn requires more cumbersome installation methods to make safe.

Modern solar battery systems require a power supply energy monitor to tell the battery when to charge and discharge.

Most AC-coupled batteries include a power supply energy monitor.

Considering the majority of DC-Coupled batteries in a residential scenario will be connected to a hybrid (multi-mode) inverter, there is no power supply energy monitor included within a DC-Coupled battery package. This can be supplied at an additional cost though.

When installing a hybrid inverter with a solar package, it’s best to install the power supply energy monitor at the time of the solar installation, ensuring the solar energy system is truly battery ready.

This all depends on you. A solar battery has a limited storage capacity. If you exceed the storage capacity with energy consumption the battery will be unable to sufficiently provide energy offset.
PSW Sales Support can provide detailed bill reduction estimates based on your past energy usage patterns. Quite simply, the more power bills you provide including approximate time of day consumption habits, the more accurate our modelling data will be for you.
Quite Likely.
If you qualify for the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) you can receive 0.03c off-Peak and 0.10c Peak for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system. 
As long as the battery is set to zero export and the solar inverter capacity isn’t being increased above 5kW output capacity, it’s quite likely (subject to Synergy approval) you’ll still qualify for DEBS.

Eligibility criteria and full pricing, learn more >


Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. As a McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd business (EC010771) Perth Solar Warehouse utilises an in-house electrical service team insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

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More than the best solar battery system deals Perth and Bunbury region customers seek. With PSW Life Support your experience now and into the future means everything. 5-star customer satisfaction assures you the ultimate value in solar battery system technology.

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Customer Insight

Happy Customer Alison Bartlet with her Battery Solar System by Perth Solar Warehouse

So impressed with the company and the system we chose. We were given three options and chose panels manufactured in Europe and a Tesla battery. The installers were friendly, tidy and professional. All necessary work was organised by the company and one of the installers, who visited before installation, did suggest we seek approval from the local council as we own a heritage home - yes, we did need approval. As we do own a 110 year old home we were concerned about the process but our minds were eased once we met the installers. Love the Tesla battery and we have modified the way we use appliances to make use of the solar and the battery. The Tesla app is so informative.

Alison Bartlett

- Google

Michael Ripley

Great company. Competitive pricing. Great after-sales service. Clean, neat, functional system installs. They have complete 3 6.6kw systems for us as well as one battery setup. Producing up to 44kw per day per house. 

Michael Ripley

- Google

The best solar and tesla powerall installers in Perth. Thanks!

Daniel Williams

- Google

With hundreds of real 5-star Google and SolarQuotes solar battery system reviews, enjoy peace-of-mind knowing Perth’s most satisfied solar customers purchased here!

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