Top 5%: Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024

Tesla Certified Premium Installer 2024 - PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse

You know you want a Tesla Energy product, but how do you select the ideal local installer? An installer with in-depth Tesla product knowledge is a must, especially when spending significantly on an energy investment. After all, your product warranty from Tesla is void if the installation fails to meet Tesla’s strict quality implementation requirements irrelevant to an individual’s accreditations. A Tesla Premium Certified Installer assists in narrowing down ideal installer selection criteria.


Key points

The third consecutive year, Perth Solar Warehouse (and PSW Energy) gained Tesla Premium Certified Installer recognition. Like all Tesla Energy premium installers, consecutive streaks ensure your local Tesla installer is 100% aligned with Tesla’s mission [of providing high-quality outcomes] to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Congratulations on your selection to be part of the Tesla Premium Certified Installer Program for 2024!

PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse has been selected to be a Tesla Premium Certified Installer based on your fulfilment of the following criteria:

  • Exceptional installation quality
  • Deep product knowledge and understanding
  • Distinguished customer experience
  • Longevity of relationship with Tesla
  • Alignment with Tesla’s mission

Perth Solar Warehouse staff remain committed to ensuring a superior Tesla home energy experience. It’s an entire local team effort: sales support, administration, applications, projects, installation and technical support implementing one of the most remarkable future energy products. It’s a privilege to be a part of the process and, most of all, on the journey with Tesla and the end user. For the next +10 years, we are the customer’s local support base. A more bankable outcome made more reassuring due to Perth Solar Warehouse’s 20 years of company history in energy.

Exceptional installation quality

An essential measurement. How does Tesla monitor this? For the Tesla Premium Certified Installer qualification, installers must upload all critical points of the installation overview. Tesla then remotely assesses the local installation and ranks the installation based on relative standards. Non-premium installers are not required to submit such a level of internal auditing.

2023: Perth Solar Warehouse scored 95% in all jobs assessed.

Tesla Powerwall 2 installed (Lynwood, WA) by Tesla Premium Certified Installer: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse

Tesla Powerwall 2, Lynwood, WA

Deep product knowledge

Perth Solar Warehouse co-hosted the inaugural Tesla Energy Tech Talk (Perth) on 22nd November 2023 at the Tesla Motors Showroom, Osbourne Park, to an enthusiastic, invite-only Tesla vehicle owner event. So successful in Tesla product suite knowledge, Perth Solar Warehouse Director Derek McKercher was invited back as a keynote speaker for round two, February 2024.

2023: Tesla identified a 362% YoY (year-on-year) growth from Quarter 4 2022 to Quarter 4 2023—Tesla Performance Report: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse.

PSW Energy x Tesla Energy Tech Talk Panel

Tesla Energy Tech Talk, Osbourne Park, 2023.

Distinguished customer experience

Tesla Premium Certified Installers submit projects for internal Tesla auditing. Beyond compliance, auditing journeys include ‘customer experience’ after the point of sale. However, if you need further convincing toward the ideal Tesla installer: Ranked as one of the best solar companies in Perth, WA by review ›

2023: Tesla identified a 4.8/5% customer satisfaction experience with PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse.

Tesla Premium Installer. It’s free to ask. Get a quote by one of Tesla’s top 5% most trusted installers.

Longevity of relationship with Tesla

We value relationships with quality brands. Tesla is the most advanced energy storage system on the market. There is a reason it is popular, and we must facilitate a quality outcome for the customer. If we can provide this, a longevity relationship thrives—we understand what’s required. 

2024: 2 years Tesla Certified (2020-2021) 3 consecutive years Tesla Premium Certified (2022, 2023,2024).

Alignment with Tesla's mission

We’ve been implementing sustainable energy for 20 years. Accelerating the world’s adoption of sustainable energy is more than aligned with PSW’s core. Everything is energy; electron energy transfer is our most efficient energy supply towards sustainability. We’re building the future.

2024: 9 years energy services, 11 years energy retail/services. Q4, 2023: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, receives the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award.

Derek McKercher PSW Eenrgy Perth Solar Warehouse

Derek McKercher (Director), 2013.

Tesla Premium Certified Installer list (Perth) 2024

Tesla Energy Australia have nominated two local and two national Tesla Premium Certified Installers for the greater Perth region (Western Australia) in 2024:

Premium Certified Installer
Service Areas
Tesla Premium Installer - PSW Energy - Perth Solar Warehouse
PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse
Tesla Premium Installer - PSW Energy - Perth Solar Warehouse
Clean NRG Solar
Tesla Premium Installer - PSW Energy - Perth Solar Warehouse
Solargain PV
Tesla Premium Installer - PSW Energy - Perth Solar Warehouse
Natural Solar


Achieving and maintaining Tesla Premium Certified Installer recognition is an elite calibre. PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse celebrates all companies that have attained Tesla Premium Certified Installer satus, performing amicably to acheive recognition.

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