Sungrow, cheap Chinese or a quality alternative?

Don’t be fooled by this non-household name. Sungrow is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverter technology in all sectors from grid scale to residential solar applications. The reason why you potentially haven’t heard the name is that Sungrow specialise solely in solar inverter technology. With a less than 1% failure rate, there is much to like about the latest Sungrow inverters Perth WA customers have access to.


Sungrow inverters have been available to prospective Parth & WA customer for a considerable period of time enduring local conditions. Therefore, there is reliability in the reputation and information surrounding this global solar inverter giant. 

Sungrow Inverters Perth WA Product Feature. 

The latest edition of the Perth Solar Warehouse  solar price list includes all the following need to know information about Sungrow solar inverters and more:

  • Fully installed 3.9kW, 6.6kW & 10kW+ Solar system prices.
  • Exclusive discounts & interactive price guide.
  • Mix & match solar panel technology.
  • Exceptional energy storage options.
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Which to avoid?

Alike most solar inverter technologies, the older models of Sungrow inverters tend to be lacking in specification when compared to the modern designs. Since being founded in 1997 there is a long list of aging solar inverter models which fortunately are no longer distributed for sale in Australia. 

As a Sungrow inverters model number seldom changes, the easiest way of determining an aging design in this instance is any design from 2017 and prior.

Which to consider?

The 2020-2021 range of Sungrow inverters are some of the more feature rich and enhanced options available from a Chinese manufacturer.


Sungrow Inverters
SG #K-S (2 – 3 kW)
SG #K-D (3 – 6 KW)


Sungrow Inverters
SG #KTL-MT (5 – 8 KW)
SG #KTL-M (10 – 12 kW)
SG #KTL-M (15 – 20 kW)

Energy storage:

Sungrow Inverters
SH #K-20 (5 kW)

Some excellent Sungrow inverters to compete with the very best which consumers can be assured only the latatest technology is available through Perth Solar Warehouse.

Sungrow Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse

What is the warranty?

Aligning with the ranks of other leading solar inverter manufacturers within Australia from 2020, residential single-phase and three-phase Sungrow inverters are now equipped with a solid 10-year warranty direct from the manufacturer (Australia only). 

Sungrow Inverters Warranty Download >

Where are they made?

As Chinese manufacturing has become the epicentre of a renewable energy and technological boom, Sungrow inverters are strategically manufactured in the High Tech Zone of Hefei, China. A strong global reach Sungrow’s offices include Australian support based in Sydney.

State of the art R&D and manufacturing processes facilitate not just China’s most reliable solar inverter available, but one of the worlds most reliable solar inverters with a less than 1% failure rate. 

Sungrow Inverters Perth WA by PSW Energy

What do they cost?

Are you looking for a replacement inverter or a complete new system? Either way, expect exceptional value for the technology at hand. With over two decades of refinement, Sungrow inverters as either a replacement or an integral component within a new energy system will offer pain free energy conversion.

Sungrow Inverter replacement options:

  • 3kW from: $1290.
  • 4kW from: $1390.
  • 5kW from: $1490.

Sungrow Solar System options (dependant on panel selection):

  • 3kW: $2990 – $5990.
  • 6kW: $3490 – $6990.
  • 10kW: $7990 – $14990.
Inverter replacement options are often specified as a comparable replacement to the existing solar inverter. The above system option prices take into account diverse installation conditions and solar panel selection criteria. 
Want the best price? Sungrow Inverters Perth WA Product Feature within the latest PSW Catalogue >

Which is ideal for you?

As a common string inverter with flexible DC input parameters, the ideal solar panel will come down to individual preferences, budget and available roof space. That being said all solar panel options available through Perth Solar Warehouse are compatible accept the SolarEdge smart module range.  

Featured Sungrow inverters:
Sungrow Solar Inverters By Perth Solar Warehouse


  • 1-phase.
  • 3, 5 kW.
  • AC battery compatible.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • iSolarCloud monitoring.
  • 98% efficiency.
  • 10-year (5+5) warranty.
Sungrow 3-phase Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse


  • 3-phase.
  • 5, 10 kW
  • AC battery compatible.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • iSolarCloud monitoring.
  • 98% efficiency.
  • 5-year warranty.
Sungrow SH5K-20 Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse


  • 1-phase.
  • 5 kW (hybrid).
  • DC battery input.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • iSolarCloud monitoring.
  • 97% efficiency.
  • 5-year warranty.

IMPORTANT: If your selected Sungrow inverters are not handled or installed to Sungrow guidelines, your manufacturers warranty is rendered void. For warranty certainty, Perth Solar Warehouse is a Sungrow inverter specialist

Featured solar panels:
New Suntech HyPro 350W All-Black


HiPro (black)
  • 350 Wp.
  • P-Type half-cell mono.
  • 19.8% module efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.37%/oC.
  • 1762 x 1002 x 35mm
  • 15-yr product wnty.
  • 25-yr perform wnty.
  • Made in China.
Longi Hi-MO 4 370W Solar Panel


Hi-MO 4
  • 370 Wp.
  • P-Type half-cell mono.
  • 20.3% module efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.37%/oC.
  • 1755 x 1038 x 35mm
  • 12-yr product wnty.
  • 25-yr perform wnty.
  • Made in China.
Featured solar panel alternatives:

Full system prices within the latest catalogue! 

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Add a battery for our lowest price ever. Mega deal Alert for single-phase power supply customers wanting a battery included as part of their solar deal!

Purchase the Sungrow SG5K-20 Hybrid inverter and save $1000 off the rrp when you add an LG Chem battery.

Mention “SUNGROW BONUS 2020” prior to buying.

Your ideal system selection continued...

The great news, Perth Solar Warehouse has an easier solution. View your ideal Sungrow Inverter infused solar energy system in as little as 5 minutes flat with detailed products insights, prices and more. 

  • Discover the PSW Sungrow Inverters Perth WA product feature within the latest PSW digital catalogue delivered direct to your email inbox.
  • Select a product combination which meets your budget or technology desire.
  • Email back a PSW technician in your time to perform a free remote site report to match your preferred system with your specific roof profile.

Selecting any of the exciting new Sungrow inverters, no matter your scenario will no doubt avail you of any future disappointment. Taking advantage of the sensational solar panel pairing within the Perth Solar Warehouse range currently available could as rebates are consistent wound back each year. Act with confidence below.



Exclusive Sungrow Inverters Perth WA deals.

Secure warranty & extra benefits.

Want more?

Compare the Perth Solar Warehouse Sungrow inverter options against the entire PSW product range for price, warranty, design and more within the latest PSW digital catalogue.

In a nutshell, we’ve lost count of how many variations we could do with our entire Sungrow Inverters Perth WA stock. Get in contact via the above link and you’ll be guaranteed the best price for your specific installation. It’s that simple.  

Did we miss something which other Sungrow Inverters Perth WA shoppers can benefit from? If so, leave it at the bottom of this post! Enjoy the read – PSW Team.
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