Tesla solar panels make way for a one-brand energy solution

Tesla Solar Panels - Solar Roof

You have the electric vehicle, Tesla Wall Connector and potentially even the Tesla Powerwall home energy reserve, but what extra benefits do Tesla solar panels offer your home energy ecosystem? To be honest, very little if residing in Australia, as there is no specific roadmap for Australians seeking a complete Tesla one-brand energy solution. However, if you’re still interested in how the current US variations of Tesla solar panels compare in 2024, here are the specifications of what you may or may not be missing out on. 


Key points

Due to the hype surrounding the Tesla solar panels available in the US market, it’s only natural for Australian energy investors to consider the world-renowned brand when shopping for an energy investment. However, locating an installer who can supply any variety of Tesla solar panels can prove challenging. In fact, non-existent. Neither Tesla Solar Roof nor Solar panels are available in Australia. An outcome that may or may not happen in 2024 and beyond. 

Nevertheless, 99% of solar panels are simple static energy generation devices with no complex communicative/computing components—outputs of merely Voltage and Current to generate a nominated DC (Direct Current) power. Fortunately, Tesla solar panels have the same intrinsic function, rendering the critical differences only in aesthetic design, brand value and (likely) cost—aspects of measurable capacity against what is available today.

Which to consider?

Two Tesla solar panels exist for unique reasons. One named ‘Tesla Solar Panel’ is in a format similar to a typical residential solar panel from most BNEF Tier-1 listed manufacturers. It is an all-black design with similar visual characteristics to a conventional monocrystalline solar panel while providing the most significant energy efficiency per square meter out of the Tesla solar panel range.

The building-integrated ‘Solar Roof’ is the Tesla solar panel format for those seeking superior aesthetic appeal. It is less protruding, and due to the reduced dimensions of each panel, the Tesla Solar Roof can maximise a nominated roof face where pitches are less accommodating.

Jinko Tiger NEO Satin all-black 440W - PSW Energy
Tesla Photovoltaic Module
405 W
23.5 kg
Tesla Solar Roof Module
58 W
Not listed
Not listed
Not listed

Tesla Photovoltaic Module T400H (395W – 405W): The Tesla solar panel for superior energy density per m². Even though it lacks the building-integrated appeal of the ‘Solar Roof’ module, the Tesla Photovoltaic Module improves conventional solar panel design with a proprietary Zep Groove for a more seamless aesthetic appeal with Tesla Zs mounting components and array skirting.

Tesla Solar Roof panel (58 W): Promoted to be more durable than conventional roofing materials, the Tesla Solar Roof offers arguably the most visually appealing photovoltaic design. Seamlessly rooftop integrated, the ‘Solar Roof’ provides up to 58.47 W from its 381 mm x 1143 mm dimensions.

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The Tesla energy ecosystem

If there’s one thing we know, Tesla doesn’t build technology by halves. Therefore, the Tesla energy ecosystem is simpler than alternative solar technologies yet broader towards a genuine one-energy ecosystem solution with feature-rich qualities. Tesla products cater to a target energy market and user. Similarly, Apple appeals to a large segment of the portable smart device market. Above all, the Tesla energy ecosystem’s true strength is its software, which enhances the usability and control of energy. Here’s what to expect from the Tesla energy ecosystem beyond solar panel options in 2024.

Tesla Powerwall-2 by Perth Solar Warehouse
Powerwall 2
AC coupled energy storage for 99% of existing solar
Store excess solar energy for later use. Provide blackout protection.
Powerwall 3
All-in-one AC coupled energy storage and solar inverter
Converts solar generated energy (DC) useable energy (AC). Store excess solar energy for later use. Provide blackout protection.
Details ›
Tesla EV Charger - Tesla Wall Connector
Wall Connector
Electric vehicle charging
Intelligently charge your electric vehicle with excess solar energy without exporting to the grid (Powerwall 2 or 3 required).
Tesla App
Real-time & historical energy centre for the Tesla Energy ecosystem.
Online visual gateway to advanced energy insight, management and control.
Discover ›

Powerwall 2: Tried and proven, the Tesla Powerwall 2 will continue to exist alongside Powerwall 3 due to its retrofit design compatibility with 99% of existing solar-only systems and is expected to be the most cost-effective Tesla Powerwall with an equal 13.5 kW storage capacity to Powerwall 3. Single-phase with three-phase limited compatibility.

Powerwall 3: An all-in-one solar inverter and energy storage solution designed to accommodate new Tesla Energy ecosystems from the start. With added components for solar conversion if required. Single-phase with three-phase limited compatibility.

Wall Connector: The advantages of Wall Connector have yet to be comprehensively realised by the masses. As mentioned earlier, Tesla’s real strength is its software. Even though potential hardware limitations may exist at face value, Tesla products can be upgraded remotely through software. When incorporated with the greater energy ecosystem, the Tesla Wall Connector offers unparalleled greatness in a simple format at an undeniable value. Rumours have it that bidirectional charging is not out of the question.


Tesla App:  When comparing energy hardware in 2024, consider which companies invest the most into software because your user experience is now digital. Tesla App offers user control of the entire energy ecosystem through one convenient and beautiful web portal. Tesla App provides one of the better options for user experience towards energy insight.

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Tesla solar panel warranty

Aligning with most BNEF Tier-1 listed module manufacturers from 2024. Tesla Solar panels offer a 25-year product and performance warranty with relative degradation for a monocrystalline solar cell format.

If factoring ‘Solar Roof’ as an integral part of your structure, photovoltaic effect aside, what other building material is equipped with a 25-year manufacturers guarantee?

Product warranty period
Performance warranty period
1st year degradation 1
Annual degradation 1,2
Jinko Tiger NEO Satin all-black 440W - PSW Energy
Tesla Photovoltaic Module
25 yrs
25 yrs
Tesla Solar Roof module
25 yrs
25 yrs
– ³
  1. Warranted maximum power output degradation within a nominated period at Standard Test Conditions.
  2. Annual warranted maximum power output degradation at Standard Test Conditions beyond year 1 for the remaining performance warranty period.
  3. Calculated based on array size.

This information should be interpreted alongside the full Tesla solar panel warranty document. 


Manufacturing origin

Made in the U.S.A., Tesla solar panels are produced at the Giga New York factory in Buffalo, New York. It was Solar City before becoming the Tesla Giga New York factory. Tesla acquired Solar City in 2016 to commence a complimentary solar module suite.

Gigafactory Buffalo for Tesla solar panels

What do they cost

Given that there is no current supply of either form of Tesla solar panels to the Australian market, there is no available cost guidance [Jan 2024]. Given Australia’s aggressive solar panel pricing structure at severely reduced rates compared to the rest of the world, comparing alternative markets would offer no insight into relative cost comparisons.

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Pairing options

If you were to pair Tesla solar panels with an ideal energy conversion technology, effectively, one item reigns supreme for a one-brand energy ecosystem. However, if you would like to broaden your battery options beyond the Tesla energy ecosystem suite, a couple of alternative great options exist.

Tesla: Powerwall 3 is Tesla’s answer to an all-in-one solar and battery inverter solution most likely to work seamlessly with Tesla’s solar roof and Tesla’s Photovoltaic Module. Australian arrival, late 2024.


SMA Inverter by Perth Solar Warehouse

Innovative: Equipped with award-winning software, SMA’s new hybrid inverter range is potentially the next best contender as an energy ecosystem leader, with its new range of hybrid inverter technology arriving in mid 2024.

Review: SMA solar inverters maximise energy production with one huge feature


Fronius Primo Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse

Trusted: Fronius has undoubtedly earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted inverter brands and is equipped with a comprehensive energy ecosystem for superior solar optimisation.

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To wait or not to wait for Tesla solar panels

It depends [subheading] on which Tesla solar panel option you prefer. If the more conventional Tesla Photovoltaic Module is appealing, waiting will have a minimal advantage given that a Tesla Photovoltaic Module is a similar format to most readily available solar panels on the market today with similar all-black aesthetics. With no guarantee that the Tesla Photovoltaic module will make it to Australia, waiting is lost energy savings with minimal gain should the Tesla Photovoltaic module arrive down under.

However, the Tesla solar roof is unique. It certainly isn’t cost-competitive per kW compared to a conventional solar array. But that’s not why you’re investing in it. The Tesla Solar Roof can be considered a building-integrated solar energy collector that seamlessly compliments the roof line on which it is installed. Especially important when the external facade is a significant priority. Given that the Tesla Australia website has the Solar Roof listed, waiting for this option, compared to the alternative roof-integrated options (solar tiles), could prove worthwhile. Reassess this release in six months (mid 2024).

Tesla solar panel options will indeed grab the attention of many. With no software or communicative compatibilities, a Tesla solar panel is simply a static solar energy generation device with a certain ‘Tesla’ design appeal. For some, this could well and truly be worth the wait. For most, the sun shines each day and each day of waiting is lost energy savings. At Perth Solar Warehouse, we have leading solar panel options available today that complement the Tesla energy ecosystem wonderfully and with a similar streamlined aesthetic appeal. Explore your energy-saving potential in style with Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy.

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