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wallbox EV chargers are your specialist range of intelligent electric vehicle charging equipment. Specific features within varied models ensure you invest in more than just an EV charger.
Wallbox Pulsar EV Charger Perth Solar

wallbox EV chargers

The wallbox EV charger range raises the expectations of where electric vehicle charging devices must be in 2023. With a minimalist aesthetic appeal, all wallbox EV chargers offer solar-connected options for intelligent EV charging.

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1. Choose your wallbox

Need essential home EV charging? The Pulsar Plus is the most popular choice. Commander 2 takes the features of the Pulsar plus to the next level with an onboard colour display and commercial grade function. Bidirectional charging important? The wallbox Quasar is coming soon. Compare EV chargers ›

2. Add an energy meter (if required)

An energy meter makes your wallbox EV charger smart by understanding how you use your power and making the most of tariffs and surplus solar energy export.

3. Add installation

19 years of experience in energy, we know EV charging technology.

Contact by phone or form confirming the nature of your wallbox EV charging installation.

Receive a quote with no hidden costs for the installation of your wallbox EV Charger.

Your wallbox EV charger installation will occur on a weekday that works with you.

Uninterrupted electric driving freedom begins at the point of charge.

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wallbox EV charging made simple with Perth Solar Warehouse.

4. Something extra?

Discounts await. Purchase additional products alongside your wallbox EV charger for greater savings. 

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It's a Perth Solar Warehouse thing.

More than the best wallbox EV charger deals Perth customers seek. With PSW Life Support, we care about your experience beyond the point of sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions; wallbox EV Charger

Not all installations are the same. Some require additional material to accomodate your wallbox EV charger preference. Some installation types are very time consuming and not feasible to perform without additional costs.

Factors that affect costs involve power supply, complexity, material, time, access, safety, travel etc.

It’s important for everyone the job is done right, first.

We prefer that you don’t. It’s a warranty thing.

You deserve a hassle-free product and service with no unforeseen costs within the warranty period.

The Perth Solar Warehouse workmanship warranty that accompanies your wallbox EV charger will always be equal to the product warranty from the manufacturer. As an authorized warranty agent, purchasing and installing a wallbox EV charger through Perth Solar Warehouse ensures you a locally based one point warranty contact in the unlikely event of a warranty claim.

No. Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. As a McKercher Corporation business (EC010771) Perth Solar Warehouse uses an in-house electricians insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

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+ Non-ship item, product only supply price listed, installation and energy meter sold separately (to be assessed/quoted) within PSW Installation Zone 1Additional installation costs may apply (inquire).

1. Generation figures are general only, based on historical Zone 3 annual average irradiance data. Figures may not represent precise daily generation data. Customers should obtain site-specific average generation data for their particular system size and solar orientation. To obtain this information, contact sales support.

2. Perth Solar Warehouse reserves the right not to accept selected jobs irrelevant to installations meeting base criteria or advertised prices without reason.

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