Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award, Q4, 2023

Kate Rutherford - Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

The world’s most recognised energy storage innovator has a relatively straightforward mission—accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. However, for rapid adoption to succeed, high-value local collaborations for implementation are required in diverse global regions. On February 1, 2024, Perth Solar Warehouse received the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award (Australia). Here’s what that translates to for you.


Key statistics

Greater adoption through proven customer outcomes that rank. You only become one of the world’s most iconic technology brands by knowing the numbers contributing to success. Therefore, implementing a measurement strategy for product implementation makes sense. While most manufacturers are concerned to the point of sale, Tesla aims for results, including installation satisfaction, to assist in long-term brand integrity.

With knowledge of implementation data, Perth Solar Warehouse surpassed the estimated growth in Q4, 2023. Achieving a company milestone of 362% YoY (Year on Year) growth, further complimented by a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 and audit performance of 95% to support the achievement.

In the final quarter of 2023, Perth Solar Warehouse outperformed market growth by 165%, ranking among Australia’s Top 10% of Tesla Powerwall installers.

Via LinkedIn: We’re invested in your energy security as much you are. 𝙋𝙎𝙒 is Perth’s local Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024 and Performance Excellence Award-Winner Q4, 2023.

Performance report

Tesla Certified Installers receive a Tesla Performance Review at regular intervals. Customers can request to view this information from their preferred shortlist of installers for comparison. The following key metrics summarise Perth Solar Warehouse’s 2023 organisational performance (including PSW Energy):

2023 Classification Criteria
Installation Volume Ranking
Top 10% (Australia)
Market Growth
Outperformed by 165%
Company Growth Milestone
Q4 Year on Year growth 362%
Customer Satisfaction
Audit performance

Monitoring certified installer performance provides improved guidance on which Tesla allocates Premium Certified Installer status. Tesla’s Top 5% of certified installers. Based on these figures, Perth Solar Warehouse was recognised as a Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024 for the third consecutive year.

Official announcement

Tesla Energy Australia awarded three Tesla Certified Installers for individual outstanding performances in Q4 of 2023 via their Powerwall Certified Installer Newsletter Q1 2024:

Performance Excellence Award – Perth Solar Warehouse, Western Australia

Perth Solar Warehouse (PSW Energy) is the deserving winner of the Q4 Performance Excellence Award. Due to the renewed marketing focus on Powerwall and off the back of a highly successful customer event, Perth Solar Warehouse achieved a phenomenal 362% YoY growth for Powerwall sales in Q4.

 Congratulations to the entire team at PSW for this fantastic achievement and we can’t wait to see what milestones are achieved in 2024!

Customer Service Excellence Award – Jet Solar, Victoria

Jet Solar are the winners of our Q4 Customer Service Excellence Award. Their clients home in Heathcote, Victoria, had a limited supply from a S.W.E.R line that was incapable of charging their Tesla vehicles. Jet Solar installed three Powerwalls, 14kW of Solar, and a Wall Connector, allowing the customer to enjoy using uninterrupted power, day and night and even in a black-out. Installed in December 2023.

Installation Excellence Award – Australia Wide Solar, New South Wales

Australia Wide Solar installed nine Powerwalls alongside 100kW of solar at Kalinya Estate, a luxury accomodation and events venue located one hour from Sydney. The team and Kalinya Estate were looking for a way to massively reduce their carbon footprint, and can now host tourism guests, private events and weddings, all powered by the sun.

All awardees performed exceptionally within their nominated categories and are justified as local industry-leading implementors of Tesla Energy products. Perth Solar Warehouse could only have achieved the Tesla Energy Performance Award through its staff. You are the fabric of this organisation. Thank you for committing to this shared belief of improved global outcomes.

And to our loyal PSW community of Tesla Powerwall owners, you see the benefits daily. Continue to share your energy independence story enabled through Powerwall and PSW, further assuring the long-term vision of self-sustaining energy independence.

Tesla Premium Installer. Ensure a quote by one of Tesla’s top 5% most trusted certified installers.

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