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Latest Tier-1 solar panels list: 8 Points of critical failure.

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SMA solar inverters appear in every review under the sun as a superior inverter choice. The German quality standard is incontestable. The question of why? SMA are the world’s longest standing solar inverter manufacturer with the world’s greatest reach, surpassed by none. A significant importance as the alternative top two largest manufacturers by volume fail to exceed mass installation capacity …


LG solar panels vs the rest.

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FIRSTLY, FORGET TIER 1. It means nothing to serious solar shoppers, the best solar panels are far beyond the term Tier 1. If you like the sound of the term Tier 1 incorporated in your product selection, you’ll only hear it mentioned in one other section below.  Driven by facts and performance? Keep reading. Above: LG Solar Panels vs the rest, …

GLASS-GLASS SOLAR Panels with PERC technology by Perth Solar Warehouse

Glass-glass solar special.

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Solar panels of the future with PERC (Passive Emitter Rear Cell) efficiency-boosting technology. Turbocharge your solar with even more power. Limited time. The future of solar technology has never been more affordable. With limited availability, you can secure the next generation of solar panel technology at no additional cost to purchasing SolarWorld or SolarWatt German made glass-laminate solar panels. Sufficiently …

how to increase solar panel efficiency in your system by PSW Energy

3 ways to increase solar panel efficiency of your system.

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GREATER EFFICIENCY = BETTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Solar panel efficiency is on everyone’s mind, but how to increase solar panel efficiency in your system? Increasing the nominated efficiency of a particular solar panel is impossible as this is governed by the solar cell. What can be facilitated is refined is better selection and greater control over the elements which derate the …

GERMAN SOLAR VS CHINESE Solar panels by PSW Energy

Compare: German vs Chinese solar panels.

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A diverse range of solar power exists boasting seemingly similar performance & warranties. The fact is many warranties within the solar industry are worthless, and if your system isn’t working, then any initial return on investment calculations are redundant. Distinguish the difference, be guided by proven products. If you find yourself questioning, German vs Chinese solar panels and which is …

SolarWorld Certified Partner Perth Solar Warehouse

ASSURANCE | SolarWorld Certified Partner

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Providing products is one thing. Supplying an installed product with a distinguished service which works in tandem with the manufacturer’s integrity and specifications at the forefront is another. The product is remarkable, but what assurance do you have with the supplier? SolarWorld, Germany’s largest solar-panel manufacturer, certifies trusted partners across the world. Suppliers of whom uphold the integrity of the …