Best Solar Deals Perth WA

9 of the best solar deals in Perth WA.

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YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. So get the right tools for the job. Below are 9 of the most affordable solar power generators built to work 12hrs a day for the next 30-years plus.  Avoid cheap flimsy systems good for landfill after 2-years. There is no compensation for lost energy production in any manufacturers warranty. Solar energy systems remain dormant for months …


8 of the best inverter specials.

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REMARKABLE INVERTER SPECIALS YOU CANNOT IGNORE. Has your old solar inverter failed? Then replace it with only the best and get more life, more power and even greater production insight thanks to the latest cutting-edge technologies inbuilt by industry-leading brands Huawei, Fronius and SMA. An exceptionally BIG deal. These exclusive Huawei, Fronius and SMA inverter specials come with full installation …

5 Reasons why you need a fronius smart meter by perth solar warehouse

5 reasons why you need a Fronius Smart Meter

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You either have or are looking to purchase a brand new solar energy system with the industry-acclaimed Fronius Galvo, Primo or Symo solar inverter. Excellent choice. There is an abundance of talk regarding the Fronius Smart Meter. The question, Not a complete PSW Energy scorecard and product review (coming soon), below our technical support team, list the 5 basic reasons …


3 of the Best Solar Inverters

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BAFFLED BY CHOICES? It’s especially tough when comparing quality and cost. Below we list 3 of the best solar inverters manufactured in the world today proven in the enduring Australian conditions. Included are the distinct main advantages to match what ideally will be the perfect choice for your specific requirements. Scroll through to understand the all the information you need …