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“Dealing with PSW was a pleasure from start to finish, sales, Installation team and Penny-Lee a great experience their knowledge professionalism and friendly attitude exceeded our every need in understanding the whole Solar exploration. Be sure to Go with these guys you will not be disappointed. Well Done! Keep up the good work.”

– L&G Melling, High Wycombe, WA.




Enhance your properties value.

Beyond basic CEC Accreditation, solar installers Perth customers should seek are those which pride themselves with exquisite attention to detail.

Your home is your castle, ensure the solar panels installed on your property enhance the resale value. Beyond solar panels and inverters, the little things make the biggest difference. Never compromise!



Array Colour Coding Increases Resale Value!

PSW ADVANTAGE: Ensure a streamlined solar array with colour coded clamping system now included with each solar energy system.

  • Black framed panels receive BLACK clamping hardware.
  • Silver framed panels receive SILVER clamping hardware.

The little things a quality installation considers which make the biggest difference.




DID YOU KNOW? The PSW solar installers Perth customers enjoy on a daily basis are also battery accredited installers!

With no battery subsidies available in Western Australia, there is little quality control when enforcing standards on the installation of solar batteries. Enjoy 100% peace-of-mind when buying battery technology through Perth Solar Warehouse.



You’ve probably never stopped to consider the difference between one solar array and another. As 5-star rated solar installers Perth customers love, the difference is not only the seen, it’s most prevalent in the unseen.

Not only do unseen solar installation qualities enhance performance and ensure greater system life expectancy, beyond installation your ongoing satisfaction is essential.

From time to time all solar energy system owners require a level of support. PSW is backed by a team of CEC Accredited solar installers within the offices technical support department which know your product inside and out.



With Super INformative answers.

You’ve reached this point and you’ve still got more questions than answers. However, making a phone call or submitting an online form just isn’t worth the hassle. We hear ya.

Fortunately, some big juicy FAQs have a tendency to hit the spot in this instance. See if the FAQs below satisfy your hunger for more insight. If not, feast on the latest PSW deals, ask questions later ūüĎĆ.


PSW is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. As a McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd business (EC010771) Perth Solar Warehouse utilises an in-house electrical service team licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

The most common Solar Panels Mandurah WA Rebate (Subsidies) 2020 for residential homeowners based on a $35 STC valuation and utilising a 300W solar panel variant for multiplication is as follows:

  • 3.3 kW = $1756
  • 4.2 kW = $2235
  • 5.4 kW = $2873
  • 6.6 kW = $3512
  • 10.2 kW = $5427
  • 13.2 kW = $7023
For the more about the rebate in overwhelming detail including what are STC’s?¬†¬†Click here >

Get ready to strap yourself in! However, in one of WA’s fastest growing regions, new suburbs spring into life in what feels like almost weekly. If your suburb isn’t listed below, simply reach out and chances you are in the PSW installation zone. Without further ado, the Mandurah region suburbs PSW services at no extra cost;

  • 6173, Secret Harbour.
  • 6174, Golden Bay.
  • 6175, Singleton.
  • 6176, Karnup.
  • 6207, Myara.
  • 6207, Nambeelup.
  • 6207, North Dandalup.
  • 6207, Solua.
  • 6207, Whittaker.
  • 6208, Blythewood.
  • 6208, Fairbridge.
  • 6208, Meelon.
  • 6208, Nirimba.
  • 6208, North Yunderup.
  • 6208, Oakley.
  • 6208, Pinjarra.
  • 6208, Point Grey.
  • 6208, Ravenswood.
  • 6208, South Yunderup.
  • 6208, West Pinjarra.
  • 6210, Barragup.
  • 6210, Bouvard.
  • 6210, Clifton.
  • 6210, Coodanup.
  • 6210, Dawesville.
  • 6210, Dudley Park.
  • 6210, Erskine.
  • 6210, Falcon.
  • 6210, Furnisdale.
  • 6210, Greenfields.
  • 6210, Halls Head.
  • 6210, Herron.
  • 6210, Lakelands.
  • 6210, Madora Bay.
  • 6210, MANDURAH Baby!!!
  • 6210,¬† Meadow Springs.
  • 6210, Parklands.
  • 6210, San Remo.
  • 6210, Silver Sands.
  • 6210, Stake Hill.
  • 6210, Wannanup.
  • 6213, Banksdale.
  • 6213, Dwellingup.
  • 6213, Etmilyn.
  • 6213, Holyoake.
  • 6213, Inglehope.
  • 6213, Marrinup.
  • 6213, Teesdale.
  • 6214, Birchmont.
  • 6214, Coolup.
  • 6214, West Coolup.
  • 6215, Hamel.
  • 6215, Lake Clifton.
  • 6215, Nanga Brook.
  • 6215, Preston Beach.
  • 6215, Wagerup.
  • 6215, Waroona.
  • 6218, Yarloop.
Phew, that was a long list, but worth it. We love all of ya’ll!
If you qualify for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) you can receive 0.07c (7.1350 ex GST) for each unit (kWh) exported by your solar energy system. 

Eligibility criteria and full pricing, learn more >

The current installation lead time varies depending on what it is in particular you are wanting installed. Why is this? Quite often it’s related to engineering assessments by Western Power.

Below is a breakdown of the average lead times for the following PSW services:

  • Inverter replacements: 1-week.
  • Solar PV install (metro): 2-weeks/ peak 8-weeks.
  • Solar PV install (rural): 3 to 4-weeks/ peak 8-weeks.
  • Battery install: 3 to 4-weeks/ peak 8-weeks.
  • Solar & Battery install: 3 to 4-weeks/ peak 8-weeks.

Western Power¬†doesn’t allow single-phase solar inverter capacity higher than 5kW output. Synergy excludes solar inverter capacities which exceed 5kW output capacity from the¬†Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme.

As solar panels rarely reach peak rated power, certain solar inverter manufacturers states that their inverters can be overloaded by up to 50%. 

Although the Clean Energy Regulator has had their say on this topic a capped oversizing to 33%. Therefore, 5kW Inverter capacity x 1.33 = 6.6kW of solar panels.

Oversizing solar inverters explained in even more glorious detail >

A solid 10-years. However here’s where this is no ordinary warranty. The Perth Solar Warehouse workmanship warranty includes balance of materials – the little things aside from any major system components.

That is a solid YES from us! Arguably the best place to see before buying solar, the PSW Energy Research Centre combines the technology you are looking to buy in most most interactive environment.

Quite simply, you can virtually test drive you new system before buying. With so much data, products and information available, it’s advised that a prior booking¬† be made to ensure the best experience – we get a little busy sometimes.

Location and booking contact details >

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