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Solar Inverter Repairs

We’ll do our best to identify if your inverter can be repaired. If it can’t be determined that a repair will fix the problem, we may recommend a replacement inverter as the most feasible solution with full warranty protection.

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Solar inverter repair options

Depending on the nature of the issue, your solar inverter may only require a minor repair which can be fixed by a qualified technician for only $165 inc GST. 1

1. Tap Express Quote and complete. 

2. We’ll remote diagnose if an inverter repair is feasible based on your particular fault.

Working with solar inverters daily, certain inverter faults are common based on a few characteristics and fault codes. Very quickly, PSW technical support can determine if your inverter can be repaired or if an inverter replacement is the best solution.

Rest assured, our number one goal is the ideal customer outcomes. We aim for repair options that are less inclined to require a return within months due to a similar yet different fault from ageing hardware.

Usually external associated repairs such as isolators and power supply factors. Internal inverter repairs are often a sign the inverter is coming towards the end of its serviceable life, and continued, unrelated repair costs could be on the horizon.

Most inverters are comprised of layers of circuit boards affected by excessive heat during the energy conversion process. Over time, the heat breaks down the integrity of the delicate electrical components that can almost result in a domino effect of failure in a reduced period of time towards the end of inverters lifespan. A Bathtub curve aids in translating the end of serviceable life for inverter technology.

Most circuitry is unique to a specific brand. When an inverter manufacturers discontinues a specific inverter model the component is often made redundant for new technology. Manufacturers will often keep limited stock of older components for warranty and service related issues. However, these components are rarely warehoused in Australia.

Manufacturers will seek to recover the cost of maintaining component integrity over time, warehousing and freight, delivering a relatively expensive component by the time it arrives.

Usually within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your preferred date (business days). As one of Perth’s few inverter manufacturer warranty agents, seasonal variances this. 

  • Non-peak periods: Within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Surge periods: Within 2 to 4 weeks.

We can only guarantee this with inverter replacement options. We’ll always do our best to provide an approximate repair cost based on the information provided to us. However, the cost of repair can vary depending on the nature of the issue: therefore, we offer a fixed hourly rate + associated component costs. 

Yes. Perth Solar Warehouse is a registered electrical business in Western Australia. A McKercher Corporation subsidiary (EC010771), Perth Solar Warehouse uses only in-house electricians insured and licensed to perform electrical services on your property.

At the completion of your installation you will receive an Electrical Safety Certificate for the works carried out. The work is then subject to a potential audit by West Australian Electrical Inspectors.

Simple and cost effective

19 years of experience in energy, we know inverter technology.

Contact by phone or form, a technician will assist with a diagnosis remotely at no cost.

Receive a quote for the repair of your solar inverter (if possible) or replacement.

If we can’t repair your inverter as agreed, you won’t be charged the quoted repair costs.2

Issue resolved? Enjoy solar energy once more with PSW Life Support on your side.

Meet your solar


Solar Inverter Repairs Perth WA:

Solar inverters have evolved to become an intelligent control hub for your energy future.

Ensure only an expert with intimate product knowledge is there to support you throughout your energy harvesting journey.

Inverter Repairs vs Replacement

Certain inverter repairs can cost or exceed the value of a replacement inverter. Contact technical support to see if your inverter is worth repairing.


  • Potential lower out-of-pocket expense
  • Cost subject to repair hours
  • 30 day internal component warranty
  • Potential of alternative faulty components
  • System performance review
  • n/a.5
  • n/a.5
  • n/a
  • Potentially irreparable


  • Potential Increased out-of-pocket expense
  • Fixed price
  • 10 year warranty
  • n/a
  • System performance review
  • WiFi connected monitoring
  • Service notifications
  • PSW Life Support
  • Most inverters can be replaced

Solar Inverter Replacements from $890

Fully fitted as a compatible replacement to your existing inverter, solar inverter replacement options with an enduring 10 year warranty from only $890. 3

Can it be repaired? It's free to ask

This is fast and friendly remote diagnosis service. Discover affordable solar inverter repairs & replacement options.


1. Nominated price includes 30 minutes onsite diagnosis and labour costs only within PSW Installation Zone 1. Additional material and labour repair costs are not included beyond the initial 30-minute period. Should additional labour repair costs be required, the customer will be advised, and the additional work will be quoted prior. Should a return site visit be required, an additional $165 inc GST will be billed to the repair cost.

2. Should a diagnosis and quoted repair cost be unable to resolve the internal inverter issue, or an existing inverter is rendered unserviceable, Perth Solar Warehouse will not bill the remotely quoted repair amount. Solution 2, a pre-determined replacement inverter option shall be utilised. The consumer is liable for the replacement inverter cost only.

3. Nominated price refers to a 1.5kW Goodwe XS single-phase inverter installed as a compatible replacement (like-for-like) solution within PSW Installation Zone 1.

4. Listed price refers to the lowest kW rated inverter model within the nominated range, installed as a compatible replacement (like-for-like) solution within PSW Installation Zone 1.

5. Refers to the majority of solar inverters installed pre-2015 with a localised display only and no internal wifi monitoring card.

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