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Need to get the heart of your solar energy system beating again? As the primary interface of your solar energy system it’s critical to understand what that box is telling you, especially when it begins speaking a foreign language.

Trusted Supplier | Perth Solar Warehouse is a Fronius and SMA certified supply partner.

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Our friendly tech gurus are well trained at interpreting inverter jiberish, fault messages, technical codes, alternative flashing lights, even nothing!

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Here’s the good news. Depending on the issue, major brand solar inverters such as Fronius and SMA can be repaired with manufacturer supplied replacement components available to Perth Solar Warehouse at the lowest prices. Order times may vary depending on the particular component. Find out if we can repair your inverter.

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Get your price delivered to your inbox fast! Prefer to chat? Call (08) 6355 6717

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Alternatively, give our tech support hotline a call on 08 6355 6717 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

It costs nothing to ask. We can help diagnose the problems you are experiencing with your inverter in a few simple questions over the phone.


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Get instant help. Contact PSW technical support or call (08) 6355 6717.