THE BEST ENERGY MONITORING DEVICE – Cost, insight and affordability.

Solar Analytics is now available in Western Australia through Perth Solar Warehouse, and it’s amazing. User-friendly, next level energy monitoring which doesn’t require Wifi connectivity to work.

Save – two big solar analytics specials.

Whether you are a commercial entity or a residential energy enthusiast, the benefits of Solar Analytics for your energy supply is priceless. Generate refined data for the greatest knowledge and insight than ever thought possible. Through superior knowledge comes better decision making.


  • Monitoring energy import and energy export to the grid.
  • Expand and monitor individual circuits.
  • Independent solar production analysis.
  • Patented algorithms ensure your energy supply is working as promised.
  • Independent analysis factoring local weather conditions and other variables for correct supply.
  • Save money through better knowledge with super refined graphical data.
  • Greater insight developing a complete energy profile.
  • The most end-user friendly monitoring available.
  • Historical data logging.
  • Monitor multiple sources with no interconnecting wires.
  • 3G Telstra network data communication.
  • No WiFi required.

As the software builds and energy profile of your installation, the features become richer.

Take Solar Analytics to the next level and monitor individual circuits. Incredible energy-saving insight not previously accessible to home and business owners. As they say, knowledge is power.

Solar Analytics Specials by Solar Analytics Special


Buy any Solar Analytics monitoring unit or multiple units through Perth Solar Warehouse and receive FREE standard installation! Perth metropolitan area only.

Bonus offer, residential clients only, for a limited time receive a FREE data double up on any additional Solar Analytics unit. That’s twice the monitoring ability with the one low subscription fee. Maximum 2 devices.



A limited release offer through PSW Energy in conjunction with the Australian government to assist with the reduction of green house gas emissions, facilitate consumer awareness of business efforts to be environmentally conscious and jointly lower business outgoings.

FREE Solar Analytics advanced energy monitoring system included.

How Solar Analytics will save you.

By finally understanding exactly how much energy appliances consume in real-time 24-hours, 7-days a week. Compelling information which facilitates the ability to make significant changes before over investing on major energy offset devices. It truly sets the foundation for smarter energy use, work smarter, not harder.

Subscription costs apply.

For the level of enrichment, this Solar Analytics special will bring, $6 per month or $60 per year is an absolute bargain. The small subscription fee ensures a flawless 3G connection over the Telstra network and full access to the Solar Analytics software package. SHOP NOW >


Compare 3 of the greatest solar and energy monitoring options side by side. VIEW NOW >

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