100% German Solar Power Systems, Heat Pump HWS & Battery Assisted Solar.

All at the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Dive into the Perth Solar Warehouse range of solar power systems, heat pump hot water or battery assisted solar power systems and be assured absolute peace of mind. Yes, items here cost a little bit more than the cheap stuff found elsewhere, but these aren’t child’s play devices, these are the REAL DEAL! The stuff you buy when you’re serious about producing, saving or storing energy.

“Buy smart once to save buying twice on other inferior products”

Why shop with Perth Solar Warehouse?

  1. Low Cost – No sales commission & low overheads with the buying power of McKercher Corporation.
  2. Trusted – Over 15yrs industry experience with excellent customer relationships. 
  3. Local – West Australian, Perth based business supporting local families.
  4. Quality – We offer PSW Life Support because the products you see listed here are seriously good.
  5. Upgradeable – Future proof designs with communicative technology incorporated.

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