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“We have had our solar panels from PSW for around 3 years now and couldn’t be happier! The whole experience of dealing with PSW was and still is easy, efficient and helpful. Everything from first initial contact and quotes to installation and ongoing support years down the track has been excellent! PSW has delivered everything that was promised with no hassle and wonderful service! Thank you very much to all the staff at PSW. I would and have happily recommend you to friends and family!!” 

– Robyn Grace, Wundowie, WA.


72-Cell Solar Panels by Perth Solar Warehouse

Why You Should Avoid 72-Cell Solar Panels.

High power solar panels you should avoid. Resist the temptation of an appealing higher watt class and avoid 72-cell solar panels or the equivalent in
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LONGi Solar Panels by Perth Solar Warehouse

LONGi Solar Panels Perth WA Buying Guide.

Are LONGi solar panels ideal for you? If within the initial phases of research, understand that LONGi solar panels, now a BNEF top 5 manufacturer
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Risen Solar Panels Perth WA

Risen Solar Panels Perth WA Buying Guide.

Do Risen solar panels live up to the name? All of a sudden, it feels like Risen solar panels are being offered everywhere. Consistently a
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Huawei Inverters Perth WA by PSW Energy

Huawei Inverters Perth WA Buyers Guide.

Overall :  5/5 Although a newcomer to the solar energy industry, Huawei, the global telecommunications mega giant has been refining their solar inverter designs
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Cost to Add More Solar Panels Perth Solar Warehouse

What Does it Cost to Add More Solar Panels?

There is a simple equation for such to estimate what it will cost to add more solar panels. But first, a once simple proposition now
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Interest-Free Solar Deal Perth WA

Interest-Free Solar Deal.

Interest-free solar deals are available at Perth Solar Warehouse. Get the best solar energy and battery systems in Perth WA with $0 deposit on an
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