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Perth Solar Warehouse Top Ten Solar Company Award

One can be forgiven for thinking that many awards are a little token when comparing solar installers in 2023. There seems to be an award for almost everything, and most review platforms offer little clarity as companies close and recreate Google Business accounts (long-standing businesses with five stars and low review counts) or equally dubious is the purchasing of reviews (high review count and minimal context). Based on review count averages, it’s fair to say it’s harder to discern the good from the great in solar. Sunwiz, an industry market intelligence provider, identified these hurdles influencing an informed energy investment decision. 

Key points

  • Sunwiz industry data intelligence provider identifies Australia’s top 10 solar installers of 2023 by customer satisfaction across diverse platforms.
  • Perth Solar Warehouse is the highest-ranked solar company in Perth, Western Australia, measured across a broad range of customer satisfaction databases.
  • Sunwiz data provides local solar industry market intelligence for improved investment decision-making.

Held at the Smart Energy Council Convention and Exhibition on May 4, 2023, Sunwiz, an industry market intelligence provider, announced Australia’s Top 10 solar installers. Measured by customer satisfaction ratings across diverse platforms, Sunwiz provides measurable data assisting informed investment decision-making processes into sustainable energy. The aim is better guidance for consumers to realise the benefits of sustainable energy infrastructure based on proven historical information.

Sunwiz Top 10 Solar Companies Australia Award Trophies to Perth solar Warehouse

“Ranking as a top 10 solar installer in Australia is a relatively straightforward process with a clear focus and set goals”, mentions Derek McKercher. “Our goal is to be customer-revered at every point of the process while uncomplicating the seemingly complicated process of adopting sustainable energy products. This focus commenced over a decade ago when customer satisfaction databases began gaining traction. We naturally avoided databases with paid elements as we could see the potential for corruption in the data. We also wanted to avoid being compared alongside propped-up companies with deeper pockets. Over time, people will naturally gravitate towards where honest answers are more likely to be found.”

“We also avoid talking poorly about the competition, which many companies have a culture of. It attracts the wrong sort of customer. If a product and service is genuinely better, it rises above for consideration based on good supporting information. It’s important to let our product stand on its own.”

The Sunwiz Australian Top 10 solar installer award adds further depth and consideration that positions Perth Solar Warehouse as one of the best solar companies in Perth, WA. Sharing the ingredients of this recognition, the critical elements that are attributed to such an award are time and customer-centricity. There is no shortcut.

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Perth Solar Warehouse is a McKercher Corporation subsidiary. Company recognition ›

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