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Bluetti is regarded as the leader in portable power supplies among enthusiasts. Perth Solar Warehouse is your proven local stockist for a hands-on buying experience of the Bluetti range.
Bluetti by Perth Solar Warehouse

Dependable power. Anywhere

The portable power supply of choice among experienced adventurers, trades and weekend warriors who demand a reliable and safe off-grid power solution. 

Choose your BLUETTI

If you want to buy Bluetti online, we recommend shopping with Bluetti directly. However, if you’re seeking a local ‘bricks and mortar’ store where you can collect your Bluetti the same day (potentially today?), we have a Bluetti website price match guarantee or better on ‘in stock’ items. 

Currently available at Perth Solar Warehouse.


$399  $449  SALE 

300W (600W surge)

230.4Wh storage


$449  $599  SALE 

600W AC (1200W surge)

268Wh storage


$949  $1149  SALE 

1000W (2000W surge)

864Wh storage


$1499  $1699  SALE 

1800W (2700W surge)

1440Wh storage


$649  $799  SALE 

200W max output

Foldable lightweight (8.7kg) design

A better purchasing experience. Try before you buy

Shopping local, you can test your appliances on your ideal Bluetti power supply before buying. Ensure your ideal Bluetti portable power supply meets your expectations before investing with Perth Solar Warehouse.

Contact us by phone or email to confirm the Bluetti product you’re interested in is available.

Discuss what you require your Bluetti for in person, and receive complimentary technical insight.

Avoid buyer’s remorse. Try out your Bluetti portable power supply in real-world conditions.

Your energy security exists with the most versatile and safe portable power station.

The BLUETTI x PSW Advantage

Better than just another retail chain, we’re energy enthusiasts and electricians. That means if you’ve got technical questions, we’ve got the knowledge to assist with your ideal Bluetti. Visit us to view your ideal Bluetti in person.

Order an alternative BLUETTI

And collect from Perth Solar Warehouse to ensure your local double-layer PSW x Bluetti advantage. Average delivery time, one week.



We want your ultimate satisfaction from a portable power supply. That starts with a seamless buying experience.

We’re friendly technical experts who care about the results of any product you buy. After all, our reputation depends on it. Buying from Perth Solar Warehouse supports a demand for local technical experts at the point of sale. If we can pass on better value, that’s a bonus.

Frequent questions: BLUETTI

We’re always gauging a large cross-section of what customers want. The scope behind Perth Solar Warehouse is to simplify the adoption of sustainable power supplies while providing top-end specifications. Therefore, the nominated options are the most popular and highest-spec products from Bluetti.

However, if you prefer an alternative option, we encourage feedback! Feedback ensures we can better customise the Perth Solar Warehouse range to suit what like-minded shoppers prefer. It also means that in the future, a local Bluetti stockists has your ideal product available to grab and go.

Premium: Bluetti models marked ‘P’ or that are distinguishably orange marked in colour are Premium models.

For better buying assurance, almost all products available at Perth Solar Warehouse are the highest-specified model by a particular manufacturer. As the ‘Researched choice for solar, battery, and EV charging,’ that’s our niche.

Therefore, we offer Bluetti Premium model products for those seeking just that bit better in a portable power station.

If you require a delivery service, buying directly from Bluetti Australia online is recommended for guaranteed value. As an authorised reseller, Perth Solar Warehouse facilitates a point-of-sale collection option on behalf of Bluetti in Perth, Western Australia.

Point of difference: Lithium batteries attract additional ‘long-haul’ surcharges from transport companies. Through avoiding this additional cost layer as a local outlet, we can offer more competitive prices on stocked items. You save by collecting in person.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, too.

Due to the licences we hold as an electrical contracting company [mains power], our advice is limited to non-transport solutions. Seek an alternative opinion for automotive power supplies before purchasing a particular Bluetti power supply from Perth Solar Warehouse.

Important: When building your power supply, it is essential to know that Perth Solar Warehouse staff may provide advice based on the information presented. This is advice only, and we are not responsible for the system’s operation or performance outside of warranty.

Warranty is everyone’s most significant advantage when dealing with a ‘bricks and mortar’ local authorised reseller. In the unlikely event of a warranty scenario, bring your Bluetti back to Perth Solar Warehouse. We will liaise directly with the manufacturer on your behalf to expedite a resolution.

Important: Your product may need to be sent back to Bluetti for assessment (Sydney, Australia) to ensure its malfunction is claimable under ‘warranty’ conditions. As an authorised reseller, Perth Solar Warehouse’s responsibility for warranty recourse comes into effect in the absence of the manufacturer in Australia.

Our 20-year business history improves locally backed assurance and complements your manufacturer’s guarantee. We don’t sell just any product. Perth Solar Warehouse seeks refined energy brands for an improved reputation ensuring local trust. Buying through Perth solar Warehouse always delivers a double layer guarantee greater than base warranty. We’ll ensure your Bluetti is of merchantable quality (on your behalf), that’s our responsibility for the warranted period.

We’re reviewing all market options for the safe distribution of a stored energy device with broad operational parameters in alternative categories. However, we encourage customers to choose energy storage products wisely. Storing energy [in general] inherently has a potential for hazardous side effects if not manufactured or respected correctly.

Relevance. Gas bottles (natural gas), fuel tanks (petrochemical), and lithium batteries (electrons) are all ‘stored energy’ devices that are as volatile as each other when poorly manufactured or used in the incorrect environment. When selecting a reputational brand and looking after a product in the correct environment, stored energy devices are safe/effective for their purpose. 

We’re open to innovation and safety in this space. Alternative manufacturers seeking Perth Solar Warehouse qualification can submit a product review request here.


1. Bluetti price match guarantee or better: limited to in-stock items only. Order in items we will match the Bluetti website nominated prices at the time of order.

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