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WANT MORE? Dive head first into the PSW Energy solar superstore for unrivalled solar choice (Perth biggest online range) – we’re related 😉.





Perth Solar Warehouse

100% Perth & WA focused.
WA Owned & Operated.
Technical service department.
CEC Approved Solar Retailer (endorsement).
CEC Accredited Installers (endorsement).
Licenced electrical contractor EC01771.
Comprehensive guaranties & support.
Battery experts.
Perth's largest online solar superstore.
Best prices.
Happy customers.


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Wherever the rebate is.
Sell, sell, sell.
CEC Member (subscription).
CEC Accredited Installers (endorsement).
Workmanship & Balance of materials?
No idea.
Cheapest isn't best.
Purchased reviews.

Ask yourself, what is it you want from an energy solution? 

A bunch of unknowns? Or a superior energy systems installed by a local provider with a proven 5-star customer satisfaction record?

You’ve worked hard for your money, now is the time to make it work for you in the short-term and beyond.

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