There is a simple equation for such to estimate what it will cost to add more solar panels. But first, a once simple proposition now poses more significant hurdles than initially anticipated. Whether you have the available inverter capacity or not, many installers are now reluctant to touch or alter an existing solar energy system. Options though do exist to maximise your existing solar energy investment.

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When in the first contact with a solar company, the reluctance to add more solar panels to an existing solar system is often deafening. As frustrating as it can be, there is usually a good reason for such hesitation. 

Particular laws and accountability for solar systems structured in Australia present little enthusiasm for alternative installers to expand or alter an existing solar PV system, and the relating hesitation is often derived from the following areas:

What's Inside!

Existing inverter compatibility.

Prepping for future system expansion at the time of purchasing the original system sounded like a great idea, and no doubt cost a fair amount extra, in case you needed to expand. In any other industry, this would have been a superb idea. The downside is that between the time you first decided to install solar to the time that you have decided to expand, chances are the original inverter is no longer on the CEC Approved Solar inverters list.

Nothing is wrong. The manufacturer simply hasn’t paid to keep that model on the list as often a newer model is now available. The adverse effect is that new solar panels added to the system can be no longer eligible to claim Small Technology Certificates (STCs) – your subsidy on the new solar panels.

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Past installation standards.

Your previous solar energy system was likely to be installed to standards which were applicable in a prior era of standards. When subsidising surrounds particular products in any industry, the requirement is that the new installation and the system which it is apart of meets the current standards.

The cost to bring the original system up to current requirements must be factored into the price to add more solar panels.

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Warranty obligations.

Who will you call if a fault or failure occurs? The last installer onsite, simple. No matter the issue, if a problem occurs, it is human nature to assume the previous alteration onsite affected the existing system.

Even though this may not be the case, businesses with moral obligation will spend time to investigate and diagnose the issues. Should it be found not to be of the fault of the later installer, who should pay the financial recourse for lost time?

Subsidy qualification.

Does the existing system qualify for the subsidy to add more solar panels? The great news is the STC subsidy is based on solar panel quantity and the ability to offset carbon emissions over time.

The downside is that to qualify for the subsidy, the existing system’s inverter must currently be on the approved CEC list of inverters. Past approvals don’t qualify. The installation of the system as a whole must meet current standards. Finally, the new solar panels must be on the current CEC list of approved solar panels.

Solar Projects by Perth Solar Warehouse

Cost to add more solar panels?

Should the stars align and the existing system qualify for current STCs (subsidy), an installer, such as Perth Solar Warehouse, agree to commit to the system expansion, the cost to add more solar panels can often easily be calculated in a cost per watt format for most residential households.

In very general equations not specific to product selection, additional capacity and installation specifics the cost to add more solar panels are often defined between the pricing guidelines from 50c to $1.50 per/watt. A site-specific quote is always the most accurate means of determining this, though.

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The alternative.

Forget the subsidy altogether. 

It’s an option, and the only requirements to meet are those set out by Energy Safety WA and the applicable Australian Standards. Essentially, you can source a compatible solar panel (new or second hand) whether it’s on the CEC list or not.

The downside to this is the labour expense alone is likely to cost the same as the cost to add solar panels with the subsidy, which are new.

Remove the current system.

Go entirely new. In what is becoming an increasingly popular trend, from 40c per watt, what should be the seemingly more expensive option often works out to be less overall depending on product selection. Based on the current subsidy structure, many homeowners are currently using this option to their advantage for an entirely new system, increased performance from modern technologies and resetting warranty periods.

Get started.

Below is the quickest way possible to begin enjoying the increased satisfaction one experiences by adding more solar panels.

To add more solar panels has never been easier. As the current subsidy stands and the unbelievable prices of quality products, hitting the reset button is often an excellent choice for many.

Although certain moral obligations may arise due to waste, rest assured that the removed equipment can be reused for scenarios which don’t qualify for current subsidies.



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If by the time you get to the bottom of this post, you feel we forgot to cover something on the cost to add more solar panels to an existing system, leave it in the comments section. – PSW Team.

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