Sunwiz Awards 2024: Top 5 WA and a Best Rated Solar Company Australia

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Each year, market intelligence firm Sunwiz compiles solar market data to identify trends better and assist in improved decision-making content from an arbitrary position. Eliminating as many bias points from the methodology as possible ensures a respected annual awards event of significant credibility among industry peers, known as the Sunwiz Awards. Perth Solar Warehouse’s photovoltaic installation performance data from the 2023 calendar year is now available for customer/investor research and review.


Key statistics 2023

Market share of Solar Panel Verification data reduced from July 2023 due to  Perth Solar Warehouse’s limited in-house installation capacity and increased market share of energy storage systems . Nevertheless, Perth Solar Warehouse registered a Top 5 overall traded volume of Small Technology Certificates combining residential and commercial installations, proportional to the total generation capacity of registered photovoltaic modules installed to the grid.

Complementing a voluminous accolade is a 4.85/5 customer satisfaction rating from two key review platforms with more than 150 experiences over the last 12 months. Perth Solar Warehouse ranked 12th overall in Australia—a tricker position for companies to hold with a larger cross-section of customers. Superior customer satisfaction x leading volume is a testament to the PSW customer-centric process that ensures excellent outcomes along the journey. There are over 4000 solar companies nationally, most of whom don’t service Western Australia, so to get into the Top 20 nationally is quite an accomplishment.

Sunwiz awards 2024

A testament to the digitalisation of internal workflow, Perth Solar Warehouse appeals to a wide demographic of local consumers with a multifaceted Sunwiz Award 2024 sweep that complimented high volume and superior customer satisfaction.

Measurement (2023)
Installation Volume, Solar Panel Validation data
4th Overall Combined Residential & Commercial (WA)
Top 5 Solar Installer Combined, Western Australia
Sunwiz Award 2024 Badge-Perth Solar Warehouse PSW Energy-Top5CombinedWA
Customer Satisfaction
12th (Australia) Greater than 4.85/5 over 150 reviews
Best Rated Solar Installer Most Popular, Top 20 Australia
Sunwiz Award 2024 Badge-Perth Solar Warehouse PSW Energy Top20MostPopular

Top 5 solar installer report

Numbers are outstanding visual elements. The great news is that Sunwiz, as a market intelligence provider, is renowned as a source of SPV (Solar Panel Validation) data access. SPV data is based on each solar panel serial number submitted for claiming Small Technology Certificates (subsidy) and is issued to the Australian government’s Clean Energy Regulator to track the scheme’s progress. Perth Solar Warehouse cumulative SPV data by month:

Even though photovoltaic implementation (SPV registration) falls away from first-half trends, in the second half of 2023, energy storage adoption replaces [Perth Solar Warehouse’s] photovoltaic growth with a consecutive Q3: 363% and Q4: 362% Q4—2023 YoY growth in Tesla Powerwall installations (kWh not represented in Sunwiz data). Australia’s Top 10% Tesla Powerwall volume: Tesla Performance Excellence Award ›

Best rated solar installer report

Best-rated reports are a little more proprietary. However, as opposed to singular platform (website) customer satisfaction data, Sunwiz measures customer satisfaction data from at least two platforms to better discern patterns over the calendar year. Two platforms where Perth Solar Warehouse customer experiences are measured extensively are Google and

In 2023, Perth Solar Warehouse accumulated 115 customer experience with an overall 4.88/5 review average. Delving deeper than most, further discerns alternative layers of customer satisfaction. In four alternative layers of customer satisfaction recorded on the website, Perth Solar Warehouse customer average scores were evaluated as follows:

Value for money
Perth Solar Warehouse - SolarQuotes Legendary Rater Installer
Quality of System
Perth Solar Warehouse - SolarQuotes Legendary Rater Installer
Perth Solar Warehouse - SolarQuotes Legendary Rater Installer
Customer Service
Perth Solar Warehouse - SolarQuotes Legendary Rater Installer

Summary: PSW Eenrgy, Perth Solar Warehouse customer experience summary on in 2023. An overall 4.88 customer experience is considered Legendary with only 10 companies Australia wide attaining such position.

Deeper insight: Using a zoomed-in approach, we understand areas of refinement for future customer experience.

Reviewing Google is always a little more interesting when comparing companies. Take them with a pinch of salt, as anyone can leave reviews. Most importantly, look for variables/comments that make a company appear real—including responses to dissatisfaction. It’s also becoming more apparent to distinguish AI Chatbots in a business’s customer replies (they are often over-evaluated and emphasised; we’re sticking to keeping it personal in 2024). Perth Solar Warehouse attained an average 4.81/5 review rating from 204 Google reviews in 2023. Not all of these reviews were purchasing customers; they also included inquiries. A leading local company, PSW is exposed to up to one hundred daily inquiries for which we always try to assist.

Real companies have real scores.

There is no such thing as a unanimous review score when a significant cross-section of the population is surveyed. We’re consistently improving for the ideal balance of company security, competitive options, premium local support and outstanding customer satisfaction. We’re monitoring satisfaction to a standard. Exceeding customer expectations is our goal, yours is long-term energy security with an established, leading local company more assured of being there for your energy future. With established business roots in Perth, we’re invested as much as you are.

Official announcement

Ahead of the Smart Energy Conference 2024 and before a decorated awards ceremony presented by John Grimes, Smart Energy Council, and Warrick Johnston, Sunwiz, Perth Solar Warehouse’s preliminary awards were confirmed.

23rd February 2024: Sunwiz – Advisor to Solar Businesses, announced on LinkedIn:

Sunwiz Awards 2024: Top 5 Installer  Western Australia and Best Rated Installer Australia

Congratulations Perth Solar Warehouse [and PSW Energy] on winning two SunWiz Top Solar Company Awards. Your efforts propelled you into the Top 5 retailers for solar installations of all sizes in Western Australia.
It’s amazing to install that much solar in one year… it’s even more incredible when those customers leave such extraordinary reviews. Congratulations on also being in the Top 20 Most Popular Solar Companies in all Australia.
SunWiz is Australia’s pre-eminent market analyst, and has been awarding the leading solar companies since 2015. Our awards are open to everyone, are 100% objective & unbiased, and prestigious. As part of our Best Rated solar company award, SunWiz gathers every solar company’s customer reviews in 2023, from the five most-used review sites. It isn’t difficult to achieve a 5-star average from a handful of reviews; it is harder to maintain such high customer satisfaction in every review. Best Rated solar companies achieved a weighted-average rating above 4.8 stars from 50 reviews in 2023. Of these, Most Popular solar companies garnered more than 125 reviews.
Once again, well done on being both a Top Volume WA and Most Popular Best Rated Australia Retailer!
We look forward to congratulating you at the SunWiz Top Solar Company awards ceremony at the 2024 Smart Energy Conference.

Derek McKercher commented on Sunwiz’s Facebook, acknowledging the Sunwiz awards, “I’m a fan of any award structure that remains impartial and distinguishes accolades based on accumulated broad industry data. Outstanding work SunWiz and congratulations to all Awardee’s”.

In collaboration with Australia’s Smart Energy Council, the 2024 Sunwiz awards provide one of the most respected solar installer award structures for customers seeking to differentiate a solar company’s industry standing. When Australia’s number one solar company by volume (SPV data) occupies only 3% of the national market, many options exist. Therefore, customers need an impartial data-backed measuring stick. The Sunwiz Awards 2024 summarises data for investors seeking organisational past performance insight deserving acknowledgement.

Sunwiz Award 2024. Ensure a hassle-free quote by a Sunwiz awarded Top 5 Western Australian installer.

The 2024 Sunwiz Awards is the second year Perth Solar Warehouse has partaken in the event. In 2023, Perth Solar Warehouse qualified as a Top 10 Best Rated Solar Company (Australia) when analysing customer review platforms. Achieving a Top 5 Western Australia combined volume ranking plus a 12th position in the Best Installer rankings is significant. But we’re not resting. There’s room for improved performance in 2024; we look forward to the 2025 results.

Extended references: McKercher Corporation, PSW Energy.

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