A Tigo optimiser special with even greater benefits. Enjoy hassle-free optimised solar panel production with the peace of mind knowing that every solar panel is performing to its maximum potential. Additionally enjoy the added benefits of PSW Life Supports at no extra cost – FREE FOREVER.

Save – two big Tigo optimiser specials.

Recently SMA, the world’s largest solar inverter manufacturer, acquired a large share of Tigo Energy based in California. The result, one of the most future proof solar energy conversion, optimisation and monitoring solutions available.


  • The ability to optimise only shade affected solar panels to reduce costs.
  • Optimise as little or as many solar panels as you prefer in a system.
  • Refined individual solar panel performance monitoring.*
  • Superior solar array output vs non-optimised.
  • If one solar panels performance is inhibited the rest of the solar array will continue to perform.
  • Pair with an SMA inverter and view all data through SMA Sunny Portal.
  • Combine with an SMA Energy Meter to view your entire energy profile on a refined level.
  • Historical data logging.
  • WiFi internet connectivity.

TIP: Tigo Energy optimisers assist ensuring your solar energy system is performing on a refined level as promised. Ensure you get what you paid for.

Solar Analytics Specials by Tigo Optimiser Special


Buy any Tigo Energy Optimisation device through Perth Solar Warehouse and receive FREE standard installation when combined with any PSW Energy solar power system.



SAVE 20% off of the PSW Energy installed retail price when combining the Tigo Cloud Connect & Gateway devices when installed with a Perth Solar Warehouse solar energy system.

Cannot be used in conjunction with Certegy interest-free payment plan offer.

Greater energy savings.

Through optimised solar performance a solar energy system will produce more power when exposed to inconsistent or restricted light conditions. The ability to produce more power is translated into greater energy savings. More power through smarter technology.

PLUS COMBINE & SAVE EVEN MORE.Searching for the ultimate solar energy system? Why not combine even more superior solar energy technology to suit what you need:

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