COMPARE | German vs Chinese Solar Panels

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A diverse range of solar power exists boasting seemingly similar performance & warranties. The fact is many warranties within the fluctuating solar industry are worthless, and if your system isn’t working, then any initial return on investment calculations are redundant. Distinguish the difference, be guided by proven products. If you find yourself questioning, German vs Chinese solar panels and which …


LG solar panels vs the rest.

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FIRSTLY, FORGET TIER 1. It means nothing to serious solar shoppers, the best solar panels are far beyond the term Tier 1. If you like the sound of the term Tier 1 incorporated in your product selection, you’ll only hear it mentioned in one other section below.  Driven by facts and performance? Keep reading. Above: LG Solar Panels vs the rest, …

Things To Know Before Buying Solar

BEGINNERS GUIDE | Before Buying Solar

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CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO BUY SOLAR? Perhaps you’ve heard of solar power but don’t understand whether it’s for you, or maybe you’re interested in buying solar for your home but don’t know where to start. Solar power is a brilliant way to save money on electricity, boost the value of your home, and save the planet. Solar energy systems …

Electricity bill

TECH INSIGHT | Master Bill Reduction With Solar

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AVOID AN ELECTRIC BILL SHOCK! Installed solar? Opened your first electricity bill and no change from this time last year? Disappointed is an understatement. This scenario is a familiar circumstance for a portion of new solar energy producers despite all the raging success stories which exist. To understand two schools of thought, from a new system owner and solar energy …

See For Yourself – The Best Value Solar Panels Revealed

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Discover Real Value In a white wash of solar panels available, it’s hard to know which solar panels are actually the “best value solar panels” to suit Australian conditions. The best value solar panels or even the best value anything, for that mater is always a combination of at least 2 elements. The ability to deliver above average results over …

Solar Power Hot Water Is Here With BIG Energy Savings!

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Finally Solar Power Hot Water Is An Option. Of coarse common solar hot water, as we know it, has been around for decades, through thermal energy. Basically water moves through a thermal collector on your roof, heats up and is stored in a tank when you’re ready to use it. No sun? then the old style system needs an energy intensive booster, in the …