Solar Power Hot Water Is Here With BIG Energy Savings!

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Finally Solar Power Hot Water Is An Option. Of coarse common solar hot water, as we know it, has been around for decades, through thermal energy. Basically water moves through a thermal collector on your roof, heats up and is stored in a tank when you’re ready to use it. No sun? then the old style system needs an energy intensive booster, in the …

2015 Perth Solar Specials Autumn Clearance

JUST RELEASED: 2015 Perth Solar Specials | Autumn Clearance

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BIG Perth Solar Specials With More, Lot’s More… Our biggest sale yet! Whats better it includes every German solar power package we’ve got. Now how about this… Every single SMA solar power package now comes with a FREE SMA Sunny View! Previously this was only available on selected packages, now it’s the entire SMA range. Quite simply if you buy …

PRODUCT | Best Hot Water System Perth WA, Bosch Compress 3000

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Latest Bosch Tech Uses Less Energy The latest Bosch Compress 3000 heat pump is up to 65% more energy efficient than conventional electric storage hot water systems. The Bosch heat pump should be considered the best hot water system Perth customers need based on climate. Scientifically brilliant, the Bosch heat pump can now extract energy from air temperatures as low …

Discounted German Made Solar Energy Product - Perth Solar Warehouse

The Change Is Here! – Discounted German Made Solar Energy Product Line

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A New Discounted German Made Solar Energy Product Line So what’s the hype? If the title hasn’t suggested enough, HAVE A LOOK AT THIS We will now supply Perth WA customers the very best German made solar power packages at the lowest prices. Announced less than a month ago we promised a change. Details were minimal, however now it can be revealed …