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Get More Value! Your Solar Panel Orientation Perth WA

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Solar Panel Orientation Perth WA – Reduce Your Return on Investment Timeframe

It is possible to reduce your return on investment timeframe (in energy savings) by not facing solar panels North. With a minimal (or no) feed-in tariff, higher quantities of power production may not actually benefit you…

Solar power generation in any situation is a great thing – marvelous technology guaranteed to produce energy as long as the sun shines. But what if we aren’t home or available to consume the electricity? Battery banks would be ideal in this situation however 98% of households and businesses in Perth & Western Australia operate solar without an energy storage solution.

Essentially the most important question arises… How is a solar power system going to save you the most amount of money?

Answer: When a solar power system’s solar panel orientation is designed specifically to meet your circumstance or operation, considering sunlight hours.

If we ignore the possibility of a solar tracker, in the past it was considered a North facing solar panel orientation was the best location for solar PV systems in Perth & a majority of Western Australia. Now this is still an exceptional configuration if the majority of your energy consumption occurs between 10am & 2pm daily. However if your situation, like us, is working between 9am – 5am an East & West facing solar panel orientation may save you more money while producing slightly less energy as a whole.

Why? Because the aim is to ensure you consume as much of the energy you produce through your normal day to day activity.

Example: Early morning and evenings are active times in most households. East and West facing solar panels ensure an optimised solar panel orientation for these peak times, thus maximising the ability to convert more energy from the available light.

Don’t worry, East and West facing solar panels still work brilliantly throughout the coarse of a day. It just allows one particular (and very common) circumstance to save more money when it comes to the electricity bill.

To understand more of how a Perth Solar Warehouse solar energy system with a custom designed solar panel orientation can best suit your individual needs and maximise returns at the lowest “German Made” price guaranteed simply get in contact today. We love talking solar!

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