Here’s the great news. If this stage is highlighted, your Perth Solar Warehouse project has now officially commenced!

What’s happening?

Our Projects and Accounts staff have begun compiling all of your required details on our data base. This facilitates all your project information in one simple place, for ease of reference, from start to finish.

We have 8 separate internal tasks to complete before passing this over to the next stage which is all subject to the information which has been provided by yourself and your Perth Solar Warehouse technical consultant.

What should you expect?

You will receive 3 seperate emails as part of this phase:

  1. A welcome email with a basic outline of the process and what to expect.
  2. Your purchased product information. An email containing the product specification sheets of all the major components in your system.
  3. Your invoice detailing the deposit amount subtracted. (unless special circumstances exist this project won’t progress to the following stage without a deposit).

This is for absolute transparency and a further notification for you that everyone is on the same page before progressing any further.

This is the foundation.

Setting your project up correctly from the beginning ensures a smooth transition from phase to phase for everyone and the critical componentry involved. As much as we want to jump in and install your product for you our process ensures systems are designed to surpass and outlast, and that all starts here.

Eager to find out more about your project during this phase? Please visit Projects Contact for a range of support options catered specifically for you.