Buy online and SAVE on solar power prices by Perth Solar Warehouse

Buy Online and SAVE an Extra 5% on Solar Power Prices

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Super Discounted “German” Solar Power Prices

Until further notice, Perth & WA customers can recieve a extra 5% off on all “non-sale” solar power prices within the Perth Solar Warehouse store.

5% off Solar Power Prices doesn’t sound like much but… Consider our brilliant single phase 5kW “German made” solar power package. Standard already heavily discounted price is $9995.00 subtract 5% or $499.75, online shoppers pay just $9495.25. Not bad hey?

What that means is the current price you see advertised, excluding sale items, you can save an extra 5% off that advertised value. Simple terms are that you inquire and purchase directly through the Perth Solar Warehouse online store, simply by completing our Free Quote option as your first step. Don’t worry, you will always be liaising with a super helpful Perth based solar technician for any enquiries. It’s just another area where we save and in turn we pass that saving on these already low solar power prices directly to you.

We’ve put a lot of effort recently into making a super friendly experience you can trust online. So hopefully an extra 5% on any of our solar power packages is a great incentive.

Want to know the differences? German solar vs Chinese solar

Check out this link –

With plenty of fires from inferior products on the market I know what I’d choose to sleep under.

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