HUGE DISCOUNT 3kW Bosch German Solar Energy Systems Perth WA

HUGE DISCOUNT: 3kW Bosch German Solar Energy Systems Perth WA

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SAVE $2000 & Fully Installed in 3 Weeks! 3kW Bosch German Solar Energy Systems Perth WA.

We are virtually giving away a  strictly limited number of 3kW “FULL GERMAN” solar energy systems Perth WA! Now is your chance to pick up one of the most technologically advanced solar energy systems Perth WA has ever seen at prices that may never be repeated.

The falling Australian dollar, speculation of scraping the STC (rebate) means that future prices are unclear. So why not grab the best solar energy system at the cheapest possible prices, right now…

Repay Back Period of Less Than 4 Years!

Essentially a 25% P.A return on investment… At this current sale price, your repay back period in energy savings is less than 4 years! Almost unheard of for 100% reliable, German quality components professionally installed by Perth’s best solar technicians.

A German Solar Energy System Perth WA, Fully Installed in 3 Weeks…

That’s including approval period! Not only is it cheaper than the rest, but it’s quicker than the rest. Once you give the green light, sign and deposit your system we can install in under 3 weeks. Super fast processing is our responsibility so you can enjoy super clean energy savings.

No Sub-Contractors!

What makes Perth Solar Warehouse really different from the rest? Absolutely no-subcontractors at all! Everything is completed in-house and it’s how a Perth Solar Warehouse solar energy system performs better the rest. Detailed installation practices guarnantees your investment lasts well beyond expectation and ensures amazing results in all conditions.

REAL VALUE – 3kW “FULL GERMAN” Solar Energy Systems Perth WA Prices

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