Sunshine Radio

Solar podcast audio with a blend of sunny tunes!

PSW Radio above, podcasts below.

Tune in listen and enjoy! We are developing a compilation of solar podcast audio relevant to Perth, Western Australia. In between, enjoy sunny tunes that simply inspire solar energy in whatever form! If it powers you, your home, your work or your daily activities it’s a fantastic thing. What’s better, we & our solar podcast audio’s are 100% powered by the sun. Zero carbon emissions, yeah baby!

Love our solar podcast audio’s but want more? Well get in contact! If there is a way we can fulfill your audio experience even more, then we need to know. To be honest we are dying to hear your feedback… It’s kind of something we haven’t seen exclusive to Perth, Western Australia so the big guy said “Make it happen!” If you love your tech and wan’t more, direct us! your opinion counts.

Perth solar podcast audio “On Demand” library is very much so in development! Soon you’ll be able to stream the latest PSW tech audio library plus extra’s, as you please, right here. In the mean time our sunny radio still rocks!