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PSW Life Support is an exclusive technical support network for customers of PSW Energy.

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Superior customer care, for the life of your product and beyond.

Purchase any combined product and service from PSW Energy to qualify for PSW Life Support, for the life of your product.

ADVANCED OPERATIONAL CUSTOMER CARE. Beyond normal. Purchasing an advanced energy generation device requires in-depth knowledge which exists beyond a brief operational overview on the day of installation. Exploiting the technical advantages of what your product is truly capable of can only be achieved through superior knowledge and insight. That of which is far superior to a sales pitch or price promise.

With PSW Life Support, embark on a journey of endless discoveries. PSW Energy technicians encourage deeper insight with high-calibre tools designed to ensure you become the master of power reduction. True energy-saving wisdom into a future of continuous fulfilment. 

Fast response.

Beautifully fast telephone and email response, Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm.

Chat with a local expert remotely in tune with your online solar energy system. PSW Energy technical experts are here to help with the questions you need answering. As much as PSW technicians love work, the family is a governing factor in the side hours response times, sorry. Saturday, Sundays & public holidays restricted technical support only. 

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Better technical support.

Plus even greater benefits beyond expectation.


    Workmanship guarantees beyond the industry average.


    Product care? Deal only with PSW Energy technical support.


    Need it fixed? PSW Energy gets it done fast.

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No service charges.

No out of pocket labour or call-out expense for products under warranty.

PSW Energy is an affiliated warranty agent and certified partner of all supplied products unless stated otherwise. Enjoy knowing that no labour component for warranty repair will ever be your burden.

Ensure your devices are connected online for the seperior benefits of PSW Life Support. PSW Energy operational products are beautifully smart and help us ensure you stay connected. Smile and enjoy the benefits.

Stay connected & be rewarded.

PSW Energy rewards PSW Life Support members with exclusive member discounts, additional future product savings, referral benefits and more. All simply through purchasing any combined service and supply product connected to our online monitoring software options.

One point, one source, one team.

A big promise but the greatest security for your installed and operational device than you could ever have thought. There is no stronger guarantee available. One point of contact. One source of supply. One team for no unforeseen additional expenses. Greater assurance through better business, enjoy your investment.

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