Built in conjunction with the technological genius behind BMW, the SolarWatt MyReserve boasts features matched beautifully to the enduring Australian requirements and your home.

Superior Insight.

The stunning external interface facilitates instant performance information to the end user through a mere glance. Gain accurate energy statistics with the insightful SolarWatt Energy Manager application from any internet-connected smart device or computer.

High-grade Technology.

An assurance of consistent energy storage and supply management. Only the finest integrated components deliver reliable, long-term results you can trust. Many small successes will always take you further.

Decisively Beautiful.

From its intricate internal brilliance, through to its stylish European inspired outer body, the SolarWatt MyReserve is an energy storage system built to surpass on more levels than one.



A solar battery built right from the beginning. Manufactured to uncompromising standards and incorporating only the finest components of every size. The Solarwatt MyReserve is truly an energy storage revolution designed to last the journey.


A simple insight into how the SolarWatt MyReserve is designed to power your life in conjunction with a compatible solar energy system. Press play and be enlightened.

Technical Insight: By utilising a DC coupled electrical configuration, the SolarWatt MyReserve possess no risk to you losing available network feed-in-tariffs limited by grid input capacity.

Smarter Energy.

Maximum power for the times of the day when you need it. The SolarWatt MyReserve adapts to the demands of your lifestyle even when available sunlight rises and falls ensuring you consume the available peak power capacity of your solar inverter before importing energy.


The DC coupled SolarWatt MyReserve energy storage system works by connecting between a compatible solar array and a compatible solar inverter. Monitoring energy import and export variables with a communicativly attached energy meter at the electrical switchboard on the premises.

Solarwatt MyReserve Solar PV Battery Storage System Schematic

By understanding the current flow in and out of the property, the SolarWatt MyReserve can supply the solar inverter at times when energy demand is greater in the absence of sufficient sunlight.

safe ENERGY.

An ingenious energy storage solution. Reliable power from 4.4 kWh and beyond, with the ability to multiply capacity incorporating SolarWatt MyReserve Extension units. Remove the barriers of limitation and exceed average.


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