Solar Powered Hot Water

Combine solar power and hot water for the ultimate energy savings. 


FUTURE Hot Water

Greater energy saving opportunities than ever before. Store electric energy into hot water the same way you would a solar battery for far lass financial outlay. When you arrive home in the evening utilise hot water energised by the sun. When you are not heating water utilise free electric energy for alternative electric appliances. It’s a win, win. 

Additional benefits include even greater savings off the total cost. Combine and save up to 25% off of the individual installed PSW Energy retail price and PSW Life Support free.


Advanced solar powered hot water.

Push the benefits of photovoltaic solar energy to the extreme with solar powered hot water systems.

Pair the right sized solar power system to suit you with the benefits of intelligent heat pump hot water. When the heat pump, powered by the sun, has finished heating the water, the solar panels power continue to power your daytime energy needs.