Solar Monitoring

Knowledge is power. Take solar performance to the next level with advanced solar monitoring products.



The benefits of advanced solar monitoring products are often greater than additional energy offset devices or even greater than additional solar panels. Integrating superior user friendly energy monitoring commissioned to reflect your circumstance, equipment or supply facilitates the knowledge for better decision making.

Precise to the minute data as opposed to estimations on medium term intervals paints an exact energy profile. With an exact energy profile the perfect solution can be implemented and habits of operation altered for better capital cost savings.

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Smarter solar power upgrades.

Upgrade your solar energy system the smart way with advanced solar monitoring products by PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse). Discover performance with greater technical insight and fine tune any solar photovoltaic production and consumption habits.

As a technically focused business, PSW Energy technicians are here for you 100%. We love solar and want you too also. Knowledge is power. Better performance analysis ensures superior results.