More Power, Less Space.

Store more power in less space than any other solar battery available. The advantage, more room to expand greater energy storage option in the future if you need it.

Decades of Refinement.

Developing chemical energy storage is serious business. The LG solar battery range is the trusted investment in AC energy storage products with decades of proven success.


Stylish & Slim.

Beautifully engineered with a jaw dropping power output. Truly a remarkable design to complement any home energy future.



Command Your Energy Supply.

The LG solar battery range of lithium technology products is the only viable lithium battery technology to surpass its warranty vs active existence in the field, for practical solar energy storage.


The LG solar battery is integrated with your home with two key components. The SMA Energy Meter in conjunction with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage plays a pivotal role ensuring your energy is consumed from the right place at any time.

Technical Insight: By utilising an AC coupled electrical configuration with SMA Sunny Storage battery inverter, an LG solar battery system is not limited by the existing solar inverter output capacity.


Without doubt the greatest AC high power solar battery ever. LG solar battery sets the standard in AC lithium battery technologies. Safeguarding your energy future with LG ensures a stable, adaptable foundation.

RRP $11940. Available today from $10950 installed
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