Adaptable with time. In one beautifully small package, an outstanding and exceptionally versatile solar battery solution exists, innovatively designed to compliment any home. With a renowned modular design, the only limitations which exist are your own.

The full energy manager.

Utilising the advanced Enphase MyEnlighten software and web applications, stay in control of your power supply with comprehensive energy management. Battery, solar and grid supplies, never miss a beat with live data, real-time alerts, historical data comparison and more, you smart energy home exists with integrated Enphase technologies.


Built to power your life.

Your life goes beyond when the sun shines. By incorporating an Enphase AC Battery supply by Perth Solar Warehouse you can reduce the risk of electricity bills 24 hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, with a product warranty for 10 years! A good investment with guaranteed returns.





Enphase Solar Battery Storage

Knowledge is power.

Each Enphase AC battery or single Enphase power device connected to the Enphase IQ network has the remarkable ability to be performance monitored independently. A true insight which neglects not one individual device, energy source or power supply phase.

An electronic masterpiece.

In an electronic world when so much can go wrong, by utilising the Enphase AC battery for your energy offset solution, you can be assured superior componentry to microscopic proportions through one of the solar power industries most iconic manufacturing brands. Pure quality stands the test of time, trust Enphase.


View how easily the Enphase AC battery can integrate with your current solar energy system. Reduced installation service requirements, excellent additional insight, seriously consider the Enphase AC Battery.

Technical Insight: The Enphase AC Battery integrates directly to your fuse box/ switchboard just like any other circuit. However, instead of consuming energy, it stores low-cost energy and supplies energy in times of demand.

Enplase Production Bar Chart

Conserve your solar energy production for the times that you demand it by reducing the low to no return in export.


Loving Enphase? Check out how Enphase micro solar inverters work in tandem with the revolutionary Enphase AC battery for home solar energy systems.

Quite simply, an all-round solution from start to finish.