Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser, installed price.


Sale prices from $124* INSTALLED.

Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser built to perform.

Do you want more power out of your existing solar energy system? Then get the Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser! And produce more energy every day. Big features include:

  • Increased energy yield.
  • Maximised roof usage.
  • Greater design flexibility.
  • Shade and age tolerance.
  • Recover up to 36% of lost energy through partial shading.
  • Optimise only where needed.
  • Safest Rapid Shutdown solution (shuts down the voltage at module level).
  • Automatic or manual shutdown.
  • Module-level monitoring.
  • Solar panel performance warranty tracking.
  • Refined alert notifications.
  • 25-year manufacturer product warranty.

BONUS: Connect this inverter to your internet connection to take advantage of our exclusive PSW remote assist.



Virtually a maximum power point tracker at every solar panel with superior benefits. Don’t ever allow a solar panel to be the weakest link in the chain again. Optimise and make more power with the Tigo Energy TS4-O optimising solution!

Tigo Energy TS4-O Brilliance.

Optimising any given solar panel in a string allows the remaining solar panels in a string to perform better. One small change can make the biggest difference, that’s the power of the Tigo Energy TS4-O.

Be the master of your solar power generation with advanced monitoring software by Tigo. Real time analytics of each individual solar panel. Frequent emailed reports coincide advanced features such us with safety alerts, trending data analysis and performance alerts.

Individual Optimisation
Maximised Yield
Module Level Monitoring
Shade Tollerance
25-Year Product Warranty
% Recovered
Energy Efficiency
Max Input
Product Warranty

My Fronius Primo price.

Get a Tigo Energy TS4-O, make more power and be in control like never before.

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To consider.

  1. No hidden extras. The above Tigo Energy TS4-O price is all you have to pay for one of the best optimisers available within its category in Perth, Western Australia, fully installed as a compatible retrofit with your existing solar energy system.
  2. Our in-house technicians professionally install all of our supplied Tigo Energy TS4-O solar optimisers (no sub-contractors).
  3. Service carried out by a Clean Energy Council accredited electrician.
  4. Perth Solar Warehouse is a trusted SMA Australia/ Tigo service partner and facilitates an express single point of contact if you ever need assistance with your Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser in the future.

*Product terms and conditions.

  1. Listed sale prices exclude interest-free payment plan options.
  2. Installing three or less Tigo Energy TS4-O optimisers at a nominated location will attract a $110 inc GST service fee.
  3. The above price includes the Tigo Energy TS4-O only. To take advantage of the Tigo monitoring solution a Tigo Gateway and Tigo Cloud Connect device must be installed in conjunction with the Tigo TS4-O.
  4. The above price includes the Tigo Energy TS4-O  installed as a compatible retrofit only with your current solar energy system. If extra modifications to accommodate the Tigo Energy TS4-O are required higher service fees may apply.
  5. Perth Solar Warehouse operates a maintenance, repairs and replacements service within the metropolitan Perth, Western Australia region only. For solar inverter replacements exceeding a 50km radius of the Perth CBD a surcharge may apply. Please contact us to understand Perth Solar Warehouse regional surcharges before purchasing this product.
  6. The Tigo Energy TS4-O  available on this page is accompanied with a full manufacturer’s warranty for 25 years.
  7. Perth Solar Warehouse guarantees the workmanship performed in the installation of the Tigo Energy TS4-O for a period of 10-years. Existing components and past workmanship performed on the solar energy system are not covered by this warranty.
  8. Certain pictures have been utilised for illustrative purposes and may not be an actual representation of the product.
  9. All information on this page shall be interpreted in conjunction with the Perth Solar Warehouse website terms and conditions.