Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser, installed price.


Sale prices from $124* INSTALLED.

Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser built to perform.

Do you want more power out of your existing solar energy system? Then get the Tigo Energy TS4-O Optimiser! And produce more energy every day. Big features include:

  • Increased energy yield.
  • Maximised roof usage.
  • Greater design flexibility.
  • Shade and age tolerance.
  • Recover up to 36% of lost energy through partial shading.
  • Optimise only where needed.
  • Safest Rapid Shutdown solution (shuts down the voltage at module level).
  • Automatic or manual shutdown.
  • Module-level monitoring.
  • Solar panel performance warranty tracking.
  • Refined alert notifications.
  • 25-year manufacturer product warranty.

BONUS: Connect this inverter to your internet connection to take advantage of our exclusive PSW remote assist.


Live Energy Production

Increased energy yield.

Virtually a maximum power point tracker at every solar panel with superior benefits. Don’t ever allow a solar panel to be the weakest link in the chain again. Optimise and make more power with the Tigo Energy TS4-O optimising solution!

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In-depth production analysis

Greater efficiency.

The Tigo TS4-O uses a UHD-core delivering superior performance that results in higher energy harvest with optimisation efficiency up to 99.6%. Get more power out of your solar.

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Access anywhere

Safety first.

The Tigo TS4-0 comes equipped with manual and automatic shutdown and has the safest rapid shutdown solution, through shutting down the voltage at module level.

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System savings & CO2 savings

Module-level monitoring.

Be the master of your solar power generation with advanced monitoring software by Tigo. Real time analytics of each individual solar panel. Frequent emailed reports coincide advanced features such us with safety alerts, trending data analysis and performance alerts.

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Optimise only where needed.

Optimising any given solar panel in a string allows the remaining solar panels in a string to perform better. One small change can make the biggest difference, that’s the power of the Tigo Energy TS4-O.

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Automatic reporting features

Recover lost energy.

By using the Tigo Ts4-O you can recover up to 36% of lost energy through partial shading, increase your overall yield by capturing that lost energy. 

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Advanced system reports

25-year warranty.

The Tigo TS4-O comes with a 25-year manufacturer product warranty, now you can enjoy maximum power with no worries. 

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Remote technical assistance


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