AC BATTERY with Solar Deals

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No mucking about. You want serious energy savings from the start. The ultimate opportunity to experience bill reduction success exists with any one of Perth Solar WarehousesÔÇÖs exceptional solar with AC Coupled battery system deals.



The brief:
  • Mix & Match Solar with AC coupled battery deals 6.6kW & 10kW+.
  • WiFi connected monitoring portal.
  • Store excess solar energy for night usage.
  • Back-up power supply in the event of a grid failure (extra).
  • Save up to $8 per day (6.6kW annual avg).6
  • Payment plans from $7.39 per day to approved applicants.7
  • Discover the difference, Perth Solar Warehouse┬ávs the rest >

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World-class solar panel options.

Featured panels:


HyPro 315W
  • 6.6 kW System.
  • 21 x 315W modules.
  • 120-cell mono PERC.
  • 19% module efficiency.
  • -40oC to +85oC.
  • Temp COEF -0.40%/oC.
  • 3.2mm tempered glass.
  • 1670 x 992 x 35 mm.
  • 15 & 25-yr warranty.
  • Made in China.


J├Ąger 330W
  • 6.6kW System.
  • 21 x 330W modules.
  • Shingled mono PERC.
  • 19% module efficiency.
  • -40oC to +85oC.
  • Temp COEF -0.39%/oC.
  • 3.2mm tempered glass.
  • 1689 x 996 x 35 mm.
  • 15 & 25-yr warranty.
  • Made in China.


Tiger 390W
  • 6.6 kW System.
  • 17 x 390W modules.
  • 120 split-cell mono PERC.
  • 20% module efficiency.
  • -40oC to +85oC.
  • Temp COEF -0.35%/oC.
  • 3.2mm tempered glass.
  • 1842 x 1021 x 35 mm.
  • 20 & 30-yr warranty.
  • Made in China.
Popular solar panel alternatives:
REC TwinPeak 330W panel by Perth Solar Warehouse
REC TwinPeak 2
QCells by Perth Solar Warehouse
QCells Q.Peak G5 Duo
Solaria Solar Panels by Perth Solar Warehouse
Solaria PowerXT


Plus more great solar panel options and prices within the latest catalogue! 

Leading INVERTER options.

Featured Inverters:


  • 5 kW.
  • 1-phase.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi/ Ethernet LAN.
  • SEMS Portal.
  • 98% efficiency.
  • IP 65.
  • 360 x 390 x 133 mm.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in China.


  • 5 kW.
  • 1-phase.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi/ Ethernet LAN.
  • FusionSolar portal.
  • 98% efficiency.
  • IP 65.
  • 375 x 375 x 161.5 mm.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in China.


Sunny Boy AV-41
  • 5 kW.
  • 1-phase.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi/ Ethernet LAN.
  • SMA Sunny Portal.
  • 97% efficiency.
  • IP 65.
  • 435 x 470 x 176 mm.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in China/ Germany.
Popular inverter alternatives:
SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter by Perth Solar Warehouse
SolarEdge HD-Wave
ABB Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
Fronius Primo by Perth Solar Warehouse
Fronius Primo

All above inverters are AC coupled battery compatible (SENEC.Home, RedEarth), 10-year (5+5) product warranty minimum and include WiFi monitoring with Australian support. Additional 3-phase inverter costs apply (inquire): Get the latest PSW catalogue and build your preferred system now! Includes full cost breakdowns.

World-class AC Coupled solar battery options.

Featured batteries:
SENEC Batteries by Perth Solar Warehouse


  • NMC
  • AC coupled.
  • On grid/ backup.
  • Inbuilt Inverter.
  • 95% round-trip eff.
  • -0oC to +40oC.
  • 100% DoD.
  • IP 30 (indoor).
  • 12,000 cycles.
  • Made in Germany.


  • LiFePO
  • AC coupled.
  • On grid/ backup.
  • 1+ Inverter options.
  • 95% round-trip eff.
  • -25oC to +30oC.
  • 95% DoD.
  • IP 55
  • 6,000 cycles.
  • Made in Australia.

Plus more great solar battery options and prices within the latest catalogue!

Premium installation.

Every installation is the same right? Wrong. Many  solar battery system installations fail to consider performance increasing factors and system life enhancers. Even though potentially complying with Australian Standards, solar battery systems which lack the adequate time allocation to perform the installation or attention to detail to maximise performance are compromised from the beginning.

A performance enhancing installation performed by PSW in-house technical staff (no-subcontractors) ensures the peak operating conditions for your solar battery system which you deserve.

PSW Life Support.

A technician by your side, always. Venturing into the world of power generation, you are no doubt going to have many questions along the way. That’s where PSW Life Support becomes you new best friend. Learn more >

Unrivalled customer care, free, for life.

Which is best for you?

Uncertain? The PSW family provides only the good honest advice you deserve if you are weighing up different options.

Local Experts - Perth Solar Warehouse Team

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Think the solar with AC coupled battery system deals at Perth Solar Warehouse are limited? Then you need to see the specials at our extended site PSW Energy. Simply put, it’s Perth’s largest online solar superstore. Dive in and discover next-level.

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Perth Solar Warehouse battery systems are available to connect to your existing solar energy system with ease.┬á Currently under the microscope are two popular variants of the German Made SENEC.Home solar battery system as featured on Chanel 7’s Today Tonight program.┬á ┬á

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Enter your specifics in that big pinkish button bellow. First receive a copy of the latest PSW price list. Next, if and when you are ready, simply email us back with any site specific questions or queries on a certain battery system. We can ensure you a firm price with the basic info you’ve provided. Easy right?

7.5 kWH

SENEC.Home Battery System
$ 38
Per week - 84 months
  • 1 x 7.5kWH SENEC.Home.
  • Expandable to 10kWh.
  • Premium installation.
  • PSW Life Support
  • Entire system monitoring.5
  • Backup power options8

10 kWH

SENEC.Home Battery System
$ 43
Per week - 84 months
  • 1 x 10kWH SENEC.Home.
  • Sideways Expandable.
  • Premium installation.
  • PSW Life Support
  • Entire system monitoring.5
  • Backup power options8

*Basic T&Cs

    1. Advertised price based on the installation criteria as follows: single-level, single roof face, single-phase home within PSW Installation Zone 1 >
    2. Listed discounts are cash sale prices only unless nominated as a specific interest-free package. $0 deposit, payment plans are available on most packages and subject to the RRP (or a discounted RRP) of the product combination unless specified.
    3. Installation must be eligible for the zone 3 STCs (Small Technology Certificates) allocation as advertised prices include the zone 3 STCs applicable for the system capacity allocated to Perth Solar Warehouse and deducted as a point of sale discount.
    4. Alternative product combinations available at alternative prices beyond and is listed. Latest catalogue >
    5. It is the installation end-users responsibility to ensure there is a WiFi signal at the solar inverters nominated installation location in order to receive monitoring access. Monitoring provided is solar production monitoring only via the manufacturers online monitoring application. Energy consumption monitoring is available, via an integrated energy consumption meter, which must be purchased and installed at an additional cost (inquire).
    6.  Displayed generation/ savings estimates should be used as a guide only and are an example of an annual average based on an installation within the Perth, Western Australia region at an incline of 25° on a Northern 0° orientation, utilising 100% consumption. Site specific generation estimates are a more accurate guide towards what a quoted system is likely to generate and should be used at all times when assessing solar suitability. Available upon request. Individual consumption habits should always be taken into consideration.
    7. Advertised daily payment plan amount based on a 60-months pay back period with fortnightly instalments.
    8. Common additional installation cost: Three-phase power supplies, split solar arrays (multiple rooftops), multi-level installation heights (inquire), backup power supply feature.
    9. Full terms and conditions available with a formal quote of this product.
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