SALE | 6kW Solar System Deals (up to 6.6kW)

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6kW Solar system deals are all the rage at the moment. Why? 6.6kW is the largest system configuration available on a 5kW inverter. Plus, the price difference between a 3kW and a 6.6kW solar system is often negligible in most scenarios. Get a 6kW solar system and surpass!


6kW Solar System Deals from only $2990!

  • Mix & Match 6kW Solar systems (up to 6.6kW).
  • WiFi connected monitoring portal.
  • Compatible battery options.
  • Save up to $8 per day (annual avg).
  • Payment plans from $2.15 per day to approved applicants. 
  • Discover the difference, Perth Solar Warehouse vs the rest >

Combine your ideal system, Huge Discounts. Fully installed package prices!

Leading solar panel options.

21 x 315W (6.6kW) Risen mono PERC panels. VALUE
12-yr & 25-yr warranty | Split-cell technology.

21 x 315W (6.6kW) REC Twin Peak 2 mono panels. NEW
25-yr & 25-yr warranty | Largest European brand.

20 x 325W (6.5kW) QCells Q.Peak G5 Duo panels. AWARD-WINNING
12-yr & 25-yr warranty | Q.ANTUM technology.

20 x  330W (6.6kW) LG NeON 2 panels. POPULAR
25-yr & 25-yr warranty | CELLO technology.

Plus more great solar panel options within the latest catalogue!

Superior inverter options.

10-yr warranty | 1-phase | WiFi Monitoring.

5 kW Huawei SUN2000L. HYBRID
10-yr warranty | 1-phase | WiFi Monitoring.

5 kW Fronius Primo 5.0-1. EUROPEAN
10-yr warranty | 1-phase | WiFi Monitoring.

5 kW SMA Sunny Boy AV-40. POPULAR
10-yr warranty | 1-phase | WiFi Monitoring.

Additional 3-phase inverter costs: Sungrow $500, SMA $500, Fronius $300. Get the latest PSW catalogue and build your prefered system now! Includes price breakdowns.

Which is best for you?

Uncertain? The PSW family provides only the good honest advice you deserve if you are weighing up different options.

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